Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 13-BossyBoy Edition

I missed BossyBoy's birthday edition last week. I'm really not sure why. I think it was because I couldn't think of 13 things and felt dumb leaving it at 10. So here's a mix of pics and facts.

I promised more birthday stuff on Bossyboy. Sadly there's not much to report. It's a good thing that he doesn't make a big deal about presents (cause we haven't done that yet) like the big boys do. I do have 13 things about him to fascinate you. A promise is a promise you know.

1. When Bossyboy was born, he came out not a happy camper. He cried and cried all the way through doing his tests and getting cleaned and all the way to the nursery, as they were closing me up. My mom said he remained crying in the nursery. Poor little guy, probably just wanted his mommy. We determined from that point that he probably was going to have an attitude and so far have not been wrong.

2. Hubs and I do not have Texas accents much less an Okie one. At least not a predominant one. The other boys do not have any kind of obvious accent either. Bossyboy, born and bred Texan has the strongest Texan accent I've ever heard from a 4 year old. I love to hear him say "Green Eggs and Hayam" cracks me up everytime.

3. BB used to be able to flip his tongue sideways when he was a baby. I can't get him to do it now as he probably doesn't get what I'm asking, since I don't have that talent to show him what I want him to do.

4. He really believes that he's a big boy like his brothers and should be going to big kid school. He got so mad at me on his birthday as he thought since he was 4 and "bigger" he could now go to big kid school all by himself.

5. He still asks if he can "hold me" his way of saying hey mom, I'm lazy and don't want to walk so carry me. Sometimes I can't resist. Who wouldn't want to be held even at 30?

6. Mondays and Fridays are always his red days at daycare. This means he was not a very good boy. I get that. I'm not very productive those days either.

7. My baby is starting Pre-K this fall. This freaks me out a little.

8. He requests I leave the light on every night when going to bed. He says "he can't see" Somehow he's missing the point.

9. He can't stand tags on his shirts. Every shirt has to have the tag ripped out or ones bought that don't have them. Fascinating stuff isn't it?

10. A couple of Bday Pics

11.I'm always told he looks like a mini me of Gameboy. Gameboy at age 1 1/2

Yep I think hes a Mini

12. He loves him some sweets. Last year at Easter he dug into all of the Easter eggs and ate just about every piece of candy in all the boy's baskets. His brothers we're none to pleased. He's asking right this very minute for a "special treat" just because.

13. C thinks I spoil him...I don't think I do, but he is my baby and probably my last.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Aww, great list - and photos! I love the part about the accent - too funny! :)

Jen said...

Yes, that is too funny about the accent. My son was funny about tags too, but he kind of outgrew that. I think I'd be on red on Mon/Fri too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hysterical about the accent..

You can spoil him rotten..he's your baby

Krista said...

Those are awesome! You had me laughing out loud at the "can't see" without the light on in number 8!


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