Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Real Quick..

Wonderboy is my precious little pansy. I mean that in the most loving way.

It's just that when he gets hurt he cries and makes a big deal out of it, even though there's no mark or bruise or blood. The tears just flow as if he'd been shot.
So this evening I'm just about to put them to bed, when here he comes down the stairs with tears as big as raindrops.
"Mom, the thing hurt my eyebrows." (insert sobbing)
While trying very hard not to laugh
"Oh my goodness, let me see." (this is where I see absolutely nothing but yogurt between said damaged eyebrows)

Normally when he gets this way I try to do something to get his mind off of it by making him laugh. Being the mother that I am, I start licking my thumb to smudge off the yogurt between his brows and telling him I'm licking him like a momma cat.
I at least got a smile out of him.

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Anonymous said...

Kari's nickname was pansy too. When she asked our dad what beaing a pansy was. He told her that she was a beautiful flower. She never new any different.



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