Thursday, June 12, 2008

Towel Etiquette

Co-worker friend just moved into a new house and of course had to redecorate cause why wouldn’t you?

She bought the fancy bath towels at $10 dollars a pop, with of course no intention to actually use them, as they were for the décor.

She’s a single mom and her kid is pretty much grown and stays with his dad. In other words she has the place to herself and I’m sure her house is always clean and nicely decorated. Not that I’m judging, I’m just saying.

Anyways she had a friend (strong emphasis on friend, I’m not trying to spread rumors here) stay over as he needed a place to stay. She left early that morning while he was still asleep to go to work. She came home that evening to find her fancy schmancy bath towel semi folded, used, and placed on the toilet. She flipped out.

Now I being in that situation and in need of a towel and not seeing any others hanging around, would I use the “décor” towel? Is one expected to nose in the cabinets of someone’s bathroom looking for an alternative? I’m not sure.

In my perfect world where I would actually have fancy towels and a pleasant inviting bathroom; I think I would place a usable towel out for their convenience. I of course don’t have a fancy schmancy bathroom to freak out about used décor towels.

If you come to visit my place you’ll know that your special, cause I will have provided you the only Texas towel we have that doesn’t have a hole in it, and maybe a Sponge Bob washcloth, and the tub toys cleared from the bathtub. I'd pull out all the stops, you'd almost think you were staying at the Hilton...or something.

What do you think of the whole towel etiquette thing? What about the ones for drying your hands after washing? If you have fancy towels, do you also provide alternate towels for drying in a viewable area? I have been to people’s houses where the fancy towels were out and yet no other towel visible for drying my hands and yes I have dried my hands on the fancy towel. You didn’t expect me to wipe them on my pants did you?


Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

gotta say- I love aesthetics and everything, but a towel is a thing of utility. It can look good, but it's main purpose is to be used to dry off with.
Also, good job with the tub toys. I'll try that next time we have out of town guests, if I can remember.

Krista said...

Love it! I would love to come stay at your house too! Or you could come to mine... just don't step on the giant legos all over the floor... they kind of hurt!
I don't have any fancy towels either. My mom does, but she always leaves out a regular hand towel for drying your hands on.

Lawanda said...

Apparently I am too hick. I use my towels. ALL of them. Even the decorative ones. My theory is if they get to looking too bad, it is time to redecorate anyhow! LOL

Anonymous said...

Growing up mom had Christmas Towels that we used once a year when we had company.
Now..You come over my house and I'll have a clean towel..but it's the same one that I use when you aren't over. :-)

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

I do have fancy you-can't-touch-towels. They are merely for my visual enjoyment. When guests come to our house, I put them away so as not to embarrass them when I go ape sh*t on them for using my fancy towels.


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