Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Jeanie Got Her Groove Back

You know how I mentioned my Guitar Hero addition earlier this year? Sure you do.
You probably also have noticed that I haven't mentioned much about it. I go through stages of addiction and then boredom. Like any addiction, I'm sure.
Well I got a new groove on called Boogy.
It started out innocent enough. I had finished cleaning upstairs and felt quite proud of myself and wanted to do something, anything but start cleaning downstairs. I wasn't in the mood to do the Internet thing, I wanted to "do" something. So I decided to play a little Guitar Hero and I quickly got bored. I remembered Boogy and decided to start back on the Karaoke thing and Karaoke I have done..all..afternoon...and...evening...long. Yes I believe C's ears are still bleeding as I type this.

I admit I'm not great, or good for that matter. The thing is I feel in order to improve, I must keep singing over and over. Let's just say I can sing a mean Karma Chameleon and working on my Broadway debut with Your The One That I Want from Grease.
My only fear is that my voice is slowly dying a slow death and I have to work in the morning...which means I have to talk to people on the phone. Could be very interesting.

I tell you all this just in case you were interested to know what I'm up to this weekend; because I know your all concerned for my well being.


Lawanda said...

What is this boogy of which you speak? I love to sing, and I am thinking of getting a karaoke something or other for the girls ;) (And I am totally clueless about any of it!)

Anonymous said...

Karma Chameleon on Boogy..for the Wii.. OMG..I can totally rock at that one. :-)


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