Thursday, April 17, 2008


I finally need to get this monkey off my back, as it's been riding on me for a while now and he's getting heavy.

I have been working at my job for 6 years now. I've been through some really rough times of bad software updates and enduring long hours during storm season. I work and have worked with a wide variety of great and not so great people. The work people are my family, as I have no other family here in TX. Through those rough times our little family has grown to a degree somewhat tight knit.

A lot of changes are taking place in our little family. Our department and another are converging to be one support team. This means we are in the process of learning new software and adding to our client support (which means more stress).

I've been offered a position in another department for customer service. Part of me wants to jump right on it. It's not saying that things would be less stressful in the other department, it would be a different kind of stress. It's also not saying that I'd get paid more, as I wouldn't be. This would also mean a demotion so to speak.

The paper work is already in the works, and I felt confident I was making the right decision. I heard no inner voice saying don't do it, until today. I'm not sure whats deterred me. I honestly don't feel great staying. I'm ready to move onto new adventures. I think what's really causing me to be torn are a few things. The people, the people, the people. Yeah that's pretty much it. I also think it's the idea of getting out of my comfort zone and I'm sorta looked up to and respected where I am now. The other thing is the guilt.

I'm the type of person who will be faithful and loyal to a relationship/friendship/workship til the bitter end. I'm just that way. My current boss is a great guy and has really instilled a lot of leadership type qualities in me, which I appreciate. The guilt of this is; if I leave, bossman will be out another leadership role in the department. This at a time when leadership will be needed most during a time of change.

The guilt I think is really what's killing me most. It's getting to a point where I'm sick to my stomach. Hubs is beyond supportive about this like a hubs should be. Less pay, less stress, new adventure make working momma happy or would respect new changes, less guilt make working momma happy?

All of this really doesn't help that I'm a Libra and have a analytical personality.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ooh, that's hard. I know I always totally second-guess myself in that type of situation. I hate making the big, important decisions. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Lawanda said...

I am so glad you dh is being supportive! That'll help no matter which way you decide to go. I am no help, though, because I would say go for less stress anytime!

Krista said...

How long do you have to make this decision?
I would ask, are you really happy where you are or are you "only" staying for the people. 'cuz it's not like you can never see them again! I know it wouldn't be the same, but...
As for the new position: would you be okay with a "demotion"? would it be new software to learn or just a new/different environment?
Good luck! ;)


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