Saturday, April 19, 2008

Randomness and an Update

First of all, thanks internets for your advice and listening ear. As always you rock like that.

The update is.. there is no update. I'm supposed to be starting soon; and yet I haven't even really talked to the bossman about the move. I'm a procrastinator like that. The guilt you know. I'm also waiting on some additional information from the "new" boss before I lock in my decision.

You guys are right about, "it's not like I wouldn't see them again", cause whatdoyaknow I would actually be working at the same place. Though the interaction would be less. I would not per say be learning new software ..I would be if I stayed.. ugh. I would be handling contract renewals and payments instead of the technical aspect of the program. Just an additional note the people in the other department are all female compared to where I am now. They are sweethearts, so I don't think I'll have a problem. Most of them moved from my department to the other one and it's reassuring to know they are excited to have me.

I've been much better, atleast I don't have the sick feeling anymore. Just getting it out helped.

My parents are down for the boys birthday. Why yes we're partying again. Did I mention that we party all month long in April? At least I don't have to actually have anything organized and planned. Bossyboy thinks that since his brothers birthdays were so close together that he thinks it's his birthday this weekend since my parents are down. I could not imagine having all 3 kids birthdays in the same month. I would be broke!

C has been in Canada all week (yes he got yet another passport). I will pick him up tonight from the airport, if he doesn't get snowed in. He hates being gone on the kids' birthdays.

I'm kind of suggesting to my mom that we all go see Horton. It just has an excellent message and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

That's all for now.

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