Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13

Better late than never.
This is not so much a fascinating 13 list for you as it's a reminder/to do list for me. Since I'm such a giver of such random fascinating information.
I've got a lot of crap stuff to do this weekend concerning getting my house and me getting ready for the holidays. I pretty much have to get most of it done this weekend only.

1. Clean my house upstairs and down. for the most part it's clean. I still will need to do some last minute tidying and of course clean bathrooms.

2. Catch up on all laundry (which of course never happens). -I'm slowly but surely getting the mountain plowed down, only for it to stack up on me again.

3. Make santa's cookie dough. I hope I can freeze sugar cookie dough so I can just roll it out and cut them and bake them come Sunday/Monday before Christmas.

4. Plan the Christmas Dinner menu. Yes I'm cooking, I guess if you make it known to all relatives if you want to see you're children/grandchildren at Christmas you are required to come here, as we believe a child's Christmas should be spent at their home and not dragged around to all the relatives. Lucky for us were a pretty small family so it works, as we don't have nieces/nephews on either side. If that makes sense.

5. Shop for any needed supplies for kid's school gift exchanges/parties.

6. Shop for Christmas Dinner and for next week.

7. Bake and finish making teachers gifts, I'll show you pics of the cute little gingerbread ornaments to top their presents eventually.

8. Make a few of the Christmas side dishes and freeze them.

9. Organize my linen closet

10. Prepare for a possible early visit from my parents. power came back on yesterday.

11. Stamp and mail out my Christmas cards. They are totally ready, I just need stamps.

12. Buy stamps for Christmas cards

13. Collapse from exhaustion

I'm almost gonna bet dollars to donuts a lot of it is not going to get done this weekend. I'm sure gonna try though!

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Lawanda said...

K. Ya made me exhausted just reading that there list! haha


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