Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm trying desperatley to think of something blog worthy

Uhm yeah so I or the boys really haven't done anything blog worthy at all. We didn't get to experience the pioneer life by roughing it for a few days with no power. We wouldn't be that lucky ( I really shouldn't say that as I wouldn't wish that for anything, even for blog fodder). I can only imagine the blog fodder I would have roughing it for a few days.

Right now I am just frantically trying to get everything on my list done or at least humanly possible. The world is not going to crumble to pieces if it's not done, but in my little part of the world I feel it is. I am going to say that I am terribly behind on helping Santa's elves with the toy thing. Santa and I are pretty close, so I'm sure it will all get done but I'm still freaking out about it. Time and money are against me I think.

I know my parents and MIL will not expect a 5 course dinner from little 'ol me. I'm this close to thinking of going off the beaten path of having turkey or ham and doing a lasagna or something crazy. I know sacrilegious, or god forbid I get one of those all ready dinners at the grocery store! I'm sure I'll figure out something eventually.

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