Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful..

The cold and rain is here. Woot! (Did you know that Webster is adding the word Woot to the dictionary?) We're pretty lucky as it's not supposed to get any colder than 40 something. Still it's to dang cold and the rain does not help. It could be worse...
My mother called me today after not hearing from her in a couple of days, which was highly unusual for my mother- she's always on AIM. I just knew she must have lost power. Sure enough they have and it will be a good ten days before they get power back. I would go insane! Luckily they have a wood burning stove and lanterns. You see my father prepared for the end of the world that was to be Y2K. They are prepared. I think they have canned goods and batteries dating back 7 years.
I of course told mom they could always come down South, if they get stir crazy staring at each other all day. There are no open hotel rooms and the shelters are all full as well. I think my husband choked a little on his soup when I made the offer for them to come down. 7-10 days is a long time to entertain. I of course added that C has plenty of hotel points and we could get them a room. We'll see how long it takes for them to hold out. Mom is actually enjoying the quiet of no T.V. blaring, my father on the other hand has probably read the newspaper cover to cover ten times.
Stay warm and safe Okie friends! I hope this is not the beginning of the worst to come!

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