Monday, September 24, 2007

Meme Monday

I decided to steal someone else's Meme since they didn't tag me. Not that they would have since I'm generally a lurker- plus the whole tag thing IMHO is over rated. So if you want to do it go for it.
This is the middle name Meme where you list your middle name and then think of a word that represents you for each letter.
Mother -I think this one is pretty obvious.
Intelligent -I may be reaching a bit on this one, as a few brain cells have died since having children.
Christian -I do love me some Jesus, I just choose to be private about it.
Hopeful -I'm hopeful that the future will be bright and prosperous for my children.
Excited -I'm really looking forward to taking off on Friday, just for me no kids!
Loving -I'm a pretty loving person once you get to know me. However I am not a big touchy feely kind of person.
Loyal - Once your a friend of mine, I'm pretty much yours forever, but not in a crazy smother you kind of way.
Educated -I'm somewhat educated, but would love to go back and actually either finish my degree or pursue something else. May be when my ship comes in.


dawn224 said...

I was a slacker and did my first name - although if I wanted to really slack I could have just linked to yours :)

Lawanda said...

Those were great! I am not the most touchy feely person either. I think we'd get along just fine :-D


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