Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Immunization Debate

This is purely my opinion and nothing more. I'm not an expert by any means and have based my opinion souly on my experience. Keep your hands and arms inside the vehichle at all times and please don't feed the trolls. Enjoy the ride.

A friend of mine e-mailed me asking about Wonderboy and his "Aspie Ways" and wanted to know what my thoughts were on the whole immunization debate. I have to admit, I'm on the fence about it.

I do believe that certain people are more sensitive to certain things. It's pretty much a given that some people are highly allergic to bee stings, while others it doesn't even bother. Case in point my oldest (Gameboy) just got stung the other day at school and no big deal he was fine. The nurse didn't even call me to make me aware. I guess since he wasn't asphyxiating and swelling up like a balloon, they didn't think it a priority to call me. I still would have like to know. Anyways Wonderboy has never been stung by a bee and I have concerns he could be allergic, likely maybe. I think the same goes true with immunizations. Some kids maybe more sensitive. I'm really kind of new on this thinking and I didn't get to see the episode on Oprah with Jenny's theory. I look forward to reading her book. What I've heard on what she says, makes sense to me.

The part I don't get, is how our generation, the twenty-thirty somethings got by with our immunizations with really not much problem, at least from my niave perspective? I mean I don't see a significant amount of our generation diagnosed with various specturm issues. Here in the last few years it seems that every so many children are diagnosed with some form of Autism or other sensory disorders. Why is this just coming up with in the last 10 years? I've heard that drug manufacturers have decreased the level of mercury in the shots and that it should have no effect or relation to Autism, is it the mercury or something else? I think the big mystery is, what has changed? The environment? Is it because people, schools and government want to put a label on everything for funding?

Now Wonderboy's story is a little different, I don't believe immunizations were the result of his Asperger's. If so there's more insinuating circumstances to prove other wise. He was born 28 weeks gestation at 2lbs 10oz. He was on a respirator for the first 3-4 months of his life. He was on oxygen for almost a year. Due to developmental delays and the use of oxygen plus lack of oxygen, he understandably is and was expected to have some kind of disorder. The doctors were sure to let me know this early on. He however in his own way, was and still is, a baby genius. Once his oxygen and hospital stays were over he flourished. He could say his alphabet along with tell you a random word to go with the letter. He picked up quickly to letters, shapes, and colors. He could tell you the most random thing about things that no two year would or should know. He still can tell you what channel random T.V. shows are on, and not just cartoons. He has pretty much taught himself to read from his brother and yes Between the Lions. The funny thing is he can read just fine but chooses to make up his own story, even if you ask him to read the words. He's a true Aspie in my opinion.

I think lots more research needs to be done, and I don't think enough doctors and scientists are looking into it. I personally thinks it's almost come to a pandemic, with more people's children being diagnosed. If they claim it's not the shots then they need to give us more proof on what it is. This ZGeneration as I'm calling them is the generation that will be taking care of us when were old and gray and plus taking care of these "Spectrum Children" which will be their brothers, cousins, friends and peers. Our government really needs to get on the ball on this.

That my friends, is my point of view on this hot topic. Feel free to pipe in your own O. Don't hate on me though, I'm still learning all the facts.


Laura P said...

You bring up some very good points. I enjoyed reading this.

~Amber~ said...

My opinion is that tv causes Autism. Think about it, kids these days watch SO much more tv than we did when we were kids.

kristi said...

Yes, I think it definitely needs to be looked into. My son had problems breathing when he was born, and could have died...that is why I feel he has autism. He is smart, but has to learn things in a different way.

Lawanda said...

I believe that the Mercury was not in the older shots. It was added as a preservative sometime in the late 80's maybe? I am fairly sure that is the reason they give for us older generation not having the mercury related problems, anyway.

I think Autism, and all the other similar syndromes have something to do with the shots, but also many other factors. Like You said, some people ARE more sensitive to the mercury, and develop autism (or similar) at an early age. But there are most usually several other factors as well. (Like your little boy's health problems at the beginning of his life)

I do think that some children are misdiagnosed with ADHD or even Aspbergers, though, who are really not, and their parents just need a scapegoat. I think that is happening more and more. And I think it is sad.

A change of diet and exercise would do a lot of kid a lot of good.

Interesting topic. :)

dawn224 said...

The Jenny McCarthy/Holly Robinson Peete episode of Oprah was interesting, it brought up a lot of dietary points (I only got to read what was online, I missed the actual show). It seems that if there is some predisposition to ASD that immunization prey on that it would be fair for it to be researched.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

How can a parent NOT wonder? There are so many unanswered questions. All of it freaks me out.

How did I not know you had a son with Aspergers?

Krista said...

Sorry I missed this conversation! I think I'm trying to keep up with too many people at the same time... pacing, pacing, ah, there, that's better!
Anyways, I like your thoughts having just freaked myself out over this last week.
I think what I finally came down to was for the most part the diseases are worse than the potential side affects of said immunizations. We forget how horrible some of these things truly are because they are just not common place anymore thanks to the vaccines. But, that doesn't mean I have to use every single immunization possible when my child is still developing. For him personally, who is not in day care or exposed to a lot of other kids the chicken pox/hep B and other things like that aren't nearly as important as polio.

Oh, and happy birthday!!!


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