Sunday, June 24, 2007

There was an old woman...

Since Jennifer at playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren did my meme, I told her I would do hers. Finally!
This one is kinda different it's what you want and don't want when your an old woman or a "mature woman" as they say.
One thing I do hope for is that my 401K really kicks in for me. When I see that $60 plus dollars go out of each pay check..I just have to think about being 60 plus years old and enjoying a matai at some beach somewhere. It's hard some days when I feel the only reason I work is to pay the dang daycare. But I digress and that's a blog for another day.

I do plan to spoil my grand baby's rotten and be BFF with my daugher in laws..I can dream can't I?

I do want to travel around in some awesome RV.

I do hope to still be blogging then, hopefully by then I'll have something really good to blog about.

I do not want to reside in a nursing home facility. If I can help it.

I do not want to be dependent on others for my care, such as my sons having to feed and dress me (though paybacks are a b* aren't they?). If I can help it.


Lawanda said...

Yea, I really worry about those 401K things. And I will definitely spoil my grandbabies! :)

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I hope I'm a spectacular MIL also!


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