Sunday, June 24, 2007 hear that?

You hear that sound? That's right no sound. No wild children running around begging to be fed, no one whining that somebody touched somebody. The sound of quiet. Ahhh. The boys were packed away this morning and shipped off to grandma's for a week. Another small bonus the hubby's going away for a few days to. Just me and my lonesome self for a few days. I still have to work but a good 24 hours of solitude will do a girl good. And honey dear I of course would much rather you be home with me, but you know you gotta do what you gotta do.
What's my plan you ask? Why purging, organizing and cleaning my boys room of course. This is the only time I can really do it without bodies in the way. Gameboy has actually been kicked out of the top bunk by his baby brother and forced to sleep in baby brother's toddler bed. Funny thing is both brother's love it. Bossyboy loves being in the room with middle brother and actually sleeps through the night and doesn't sneak into my bed. Big brother loves it cause he has his "own" room now and can do his thing. So I'm gonna do the old swithceroo and make the baby's room a big boy's room.
I'm looking forward to it and may be a little vacant on the posts. Wait what am I talking about that's insanity! I'll do my best to keep my public happy.


Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Ahhh, time alone! I haven't been alone since 2005. Enjoy yourself!

Lawanda said...

Wow. I am trying to imagine time alone........... .................. .... ......... ............. .......... I just can't do it!!

Have fun organizing, and yes, you must be on here too. Your public will not rest til you post pics of your organizational skillz ;)

Lawanda said...

Btw, did the Restaurant meme :) :) :)


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