Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chuckies Revenge

I told you guys about my angst for the cheezy mouse. Well, I think he read my blog and now he's after my baby.

Now just because I despise the cheezy mouse doesn't mean I don't deprive my children of the mouses house of fun. We just don't do the birthday thing at his house. Last night we had a wild hair up our butt to take the boys to see Mr. Cheeze. We've visited Mr. Cheeze a few times since Bossyboy was born and he's always loved it and had no qualms with Mr. Cheeze whatsoever, until last night.

We took our normal table right up the front where Mr. Cheeze does his jig. As I was holding Bossyboy in my arms, I looked at him and saw the look of sheer terror on his face. A look I have never seen him have before. I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Are you scared of your freaky brothers getting jiggy with it on the little kids camera? He wouldn't speak just stared in sheer terror. I kept telling him it's ok it's just your brothers. DUH MOM GET A CLUE! The mouse! Are you scared of Chuckie? Yes he was terrified of Chuckie and wanted to get as far away from him as possible. So we moved away from Chuck. Bossyboy kept saying "mommy he's looking at me, I don't like him looking at me." I sat there and looked at Chuck and he did look every bit of evil when he was just standing around and not singing. He did seem to be giving my baby the evil eye and he was starting to even freak me out. Darn you Chuckie!

Bossy seemed ok when Chucky was singing and he even said "Mommy his ears are funny when they move." He was at least able to play the games with no problem, but any time he had to cross the show room floor to go potty, he had to be held and had to let me know "I don't like Chucky" Yeah mommy don't like Chucky either. We left the Chuck's place in disbelief that our fearless boy would be scared of a robotic vermin.

He's still a little traumatized by Chuck as this morning he told me he still doesn't like Chuck Cheeze. Then he had to make sure to tell grandma also.
So Chuck if your out there you got your revenge in your own evil eye way. I will remember this day forever and will have my own revenge by not patronizing your house o fun and not pay for your over priced pizza. If you think for one second that you'll get your little friends from Florida in on this evilness you got another thing coming! Cause no animitronic piece of fur is gonna mess with my kid!

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Chuck E Cheese can be seriously distrubing on many levels.


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