Thursday, June 21, 2007

Give Away Time!

Adventures in Baby Wearing is in cahoots with StrollerMama giving away a very nifty baby bag which if I understand is called My Royal Heinie. Cute name! Cute and functional bag! Go check it out. I have baby gifts to win!

Edited to Add:

5minutesformom is at it again giving away great prizes for 4th of July. Starting today through July 4th a new prize will be given away. Those gals are just awesome so go check what it's all about! Today's prize is an icecream maker and very cute bowls.
Those friends of mine who read the blog and don't have a blog, YOU DO NOT have to have a blog to sign up.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering!!


Clemntine said...

I've tagged you for a dining out meme, so I hope you'll feel like playing along!


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