Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Craziness

Ever just sit and stare at the blank post screen and desperatley want to post, yet post what? I want to entertain, inspire, at least maybe get a small chuckle, even a smile would do. Yet I've got so much rattling in my brain, yet nothing really good. I'm not sayin I have anything good anyway but I try sorta. My point is... well I don't have a point just a warning to let you know this is a posting of the random thoughts rattling in my cerebrum.

-Why do they have commercials for places that our town nor the town 40 miles from here does not have? Case in point: Kohls- Oh how I love me some Kohls, they are building us a Kohls which makes me very happy, but we have had commercials here for way over a year. This was long before they even started digging up ground. I don't like to be teased about great sales that I would have to drive over a hundred miles for. Tonight the "adverteasement" was Joe's Crabshack. NO Joe's around within a hundred mile radius either. I just don't get it. I feel like my dog when the kids are taunting him with their dinner.
No shameless plug intended for this rambling, but Kohls and Joe's if your out there make a gal happy and send some love my way. I plug you long time.

You guys still with me? Yeah I didn't think so, so I will continue cause I'm all about entertaining myself that way.

-When the hubs is out, I get a little crazy like sing at the top of my lungs to the boys instead of yelling. They so dig my singing. When Wonderboy applied his clothing to his body WITHOUT me telling him, I jumped and cheered and swung him around like we had won the lottery, cause I was so shocked he did it with out prompt. So I sang even more, singing my praises. His response "I won the AFV award!!! I won! I won AFV for best video!" Have I mentioned he has an obsession?

-What about Rachel Rays show $40 bucks a day? She's cute as a bug but she does really annoy me in this show. Do we really think she's going to over do her budget? I want to see her do a show where she goes over and doesn't have money to pay and has to wash dishes to pay her meal. LIke that's gonna happen. Her puns really are killer. "Will my Texas size appetite out do my Rhode Island budget?..stay tuned to find out...grrr... I also want to see her eat something that she really doesn't like. She tends to take to long in responding "Mmmmmm yummy" after taking a bite.

-I've also had a bad attitude about cleaning the house. Cleaning and I are not friends right now. With 3 boys and a puppy the house is always a mess. I feel like it's totally pointless as the puppy is going to run outside and come back in with muddy paws and then he's going to find another something to tear up and shred through out the house. This only makes me have to clean it again and again and again. So yeah I'm kinda on strike right now. So pfffftttt to you cleaning. I'll do it when I'm good and ready. Your not my mom so you can't tell me what to do.

So that will do for me for now. Thanks again internet for allowing me to tie up the tubes with nonsense and randomness.

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Lawanda said...

hahahaha Jean, you crack me up.

I hate those "adverteasements" too!

And clean? What the? CLEAN HOUSE??? Nuh uh. Never! :-p


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