Monday, May 14, 2007


This Meme is about 7 interesting things about you from high school. I wasn't anywhere close to being associated with the cool people in highschool and just placed myself in the mediocre crowd. We weren't in with the stoners and we weren't really cheerleaders or jocks. I might have been a nerd and didn't know it, I kind of always placed them in the stoner category.

1. I drove an 85-86 Chevy Caprice Classic..also deemed the boat. As much as I hated this car, everyone else seemed to love it due to the fact I could fit just about anybody and everybody that wanted to cruise with me in that boat..uh er car.

2 I played Tennis-or tried. I was usually just around to cheer everyone else on. I was considered the "alternate" or you suck so bad that we don't even have room on the seeds to rank you. I had fun though as our drill sergeant tennis coach made us run and lift weights and kill me into shape just so I could sit and watch everyone else play.

3. I worked at Subway my Jr year I believe. For some reason the boss lady felt I was to "slow" and fired me. I was shattered by this for a long time. How can one be fired for being slow? I really thought I would be a failure in life, if I couldn't even hold down a minimum wage job. I went on to bigger and better things as The Snow Cone Stand Queen.

4. I didn't really have a myriad of boyfriends in high school. I had a few guys that were friends. I did later on have one ahem "steady boy friend" that was a jerk and a good 7 years older. But I don't like to talk about's just not worth it.

5. Yes I was a underage drinker...I'll admit we were bad. Of course I will go with the defense that we were always at a friend's moms and never drove around anywhere for the most part.

6. Senior year I did the whole half school half college thing. This was the best thing ever, it really helped get me a good semester head start only to not finish those last two semester 2 years later. Go Figure

7. This ones a lame one. Our school had hour and half lunches due to how they did the scheduling. It totally rocked and we would pretty much eat out everyday. Then the close nit 4 of us got thrifty and started rotating houses each day and ate there. Then we would spend our well saved money to go to Sonic after school for a cherry limeade slush. If we were feeling really splurgy we'd even tip the car hop generously.

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