Monday, May 25, 2009

The Simple Womans Day Book

Outside My Window: It's been strange weather this weekend. Sun, Rain, then Sun again. It's sunny as we speak.

I am hearing: Ratatoulle-We're all piled on the couch dog included, watching this movie for the 50th time. At least it's not Pokemon or Animaniacs, I think I could deal with out those two for a very long time.

I am thinking: It's going to be a pretty lax low key day.

I am hoping: That I can convince the hubs to go to the lake. We live less than 2 minutes from the lake and have yet to actually go to the lake.

From the kitchen: The hubs made the menu plan for this week.
Monday-Burgers on the grill
Tuesday-Chicken broccoli rice casserole
Friday-Hot dogs at the school carnival

I'm reading: I read The Lovely Bones earlier this week. That was a good/interesting read about a girl who is murdered and the story is told from her point of view from heaven. She tries to help her family and friends become consoled as well as help solve her murder. I am now currently reading Bridget Jones's Diary, it's ok for a light fluffy quick humorous read. I may post sometime this week of why/how I choose the books I read. Oh yes there's a special formulated list involved.

I am creating: Thanks to all of your suggestions for the Daniel Boone apparal. I went with Camille's suggestion of making a paper bag vest with fringe. I have to admit it worked in a pinch and doesn't look to shabby. Pics to come when the coon skin hat comes in. I'm also planning BB's birthday. We're doing his party this coming weekend which really means just cake and presents with us. He wants Legos for his birthday so I decided to take it one step further and do a Lego birthday. BB was not particular on what theme birthday he wanted, which shocks me for a 5 year old.

Around the house: Nothing major really, just the usual

Plans for the week: No major plans this week other than celebrating BB's birthday early. Then Friday is the school carnival. We are a exciting bunch, we are.

One of my favorite things: Sweet green tea with honey and ginsing. You can buy it by the gallon (which works for me). Oh, and a freshly mowed lawn right before it rains while the oldest trims the edges. I'm really going to love having boys around to do the "manly" jobs.
Have a great Memorial Day everyone!
A Picture Thought: I has no picture thought as I haven't taken any pics recently.

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