Friday, May 22, 2009

The Potty Train Has Left The Station

I admit the potty train left the station roughly 2 and half 3 years ago, this doesn't mean the memories have left.
I have had my share of brown packages left in random places in the house; sadly they were not tied with string, nor were they one of my favorite things. I have also had my share of racing down the aisles using the shopping cart as a skateboard, to get from one end of ginormous box store to the other, to get a kid to the potty on time.
I have also had a kid or three baptize the tires of my car while frantically stopped on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. I can't imagine what you would do for little girls, squat in the grass maybe?

Gameboy the oldest was probably my most difficult challenge, albeit I was just as new to the potty training as he was. I never read any how to manuals. I just winged it and knew heavy bribing would be involved. I also knew that he would "get it" eventually, as it's not like you see college age boys wetting themselves everyday -drunken frat boys don't count.
By the time Bossy Boy the baby came along, the potty train was easy breezy. I say all this now looking back, as I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking that then. He was a stubborn little cuss, much harder to break than his brothers. I did have one ace up my sleeve for this one, daycare.
If ever one decides to wave the white flag of despair when it comes to potty training, sign your youngster up immediately for daycare. They'll have him broken in no time.

All this potty talk about potty training is courtesy of the Parent Bloggers Network and The Potty Project.


Anonymous said...

I keep a travel potty chair in the back of my mini van. I line it with a zip lock bag. I have pulled over many times to let Gracie potty on the side of the road. Just ingore us if you see a white and shiney hiney on the side of the road.


shayla said...

I would like to know the anatomical reason behind the trigger of "I need to go to the bathroom" the very moment that the food arrives at the table when you are at a resturant! You can try the whole, "Does anyone have to go to the restroom BEFORE we eat?!" and to no avail....they will still torture me with visiting the potty during dinner! said...

Man, I feel so guilty every time anyone mentions any kind of trouble with potty training.
Mine, both being girls and, therefore a bit more inclined to be potty trained early, were non-issues. Kessa practically did it herself at 14 months. I just showed her one time and was fairly vigilant and she was all over it. She wore a diaper to bed for another week, but really didn't need to.
Her sister was a little bit older, but I think that was just my laziness about teaching her.
Boys on the other hand, are a whole nother thing... Or so I am lead to believe.


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