Friday, May 22, 2009

King of the Wild Frontier

We have two weeks of school left and my mind is set already for summer. Gameboy's teacher has this mindset that the kids us parents, should be still in the nose to the grindstone mentality. She is making the kids do a report on a "famous" Texan and they are required to dress, speak and write a report about said Texan.
I am so not in the mood to do this kind of thing this late in the school year, especially a Texan I have no interest in. Though I guess that whole Alamo thing was kind of imperative to Texas history. (Yawn)
I did the inevitable and bought a coonskin cap on Ebay (Thank you Ebay, Thank God they still make coonskin caps!) for this project. Something tells me a cowboy hat just would not do for this particular Texan. That would be like putting a kilt on a Frenchman and calling him Scottish. It might fool someone but it still wouldn't be right.
Let's hope it arrives in time for next week, because I can't imagine spending $13.00 for a coonskin cap that would never be worn; because wearing it one time for a school project is completely valid.
Anyone got any ideas for the rest of the attire? A leather fringe jacket is out of the budget. I bet dollars to donuts they have them on Ebay though.


shayla said...

I'm thinking, just keep it simple. Maybe just regular clothing and a morraca with leather string wrapped around it and a feather tied to the end of it. Or a stick with the leather string stuff wrapped around it and a feather. Maybe a bow and arrow? Who is the person you are doing the report on? You could always do George W Bush or dress him up live Bevo the cow!

The Mom said...

Make him a fringe vest. Get a brown paper bag and cut into a vest. Cut another bag into strips and glue/staple them across the back to create fringe. said...

Yeah. Davy Crockett would not be the least bit upset if you put bought some light brown microsuede. Even if you don't sew at all, (I don't!), it doesn't need to be hemmed and you could just cut it out and cut fringe around the bottom and along the sleeves and tie a belt it with a leather belt.
I think just as long as you get the whole fringe thing going on, it will be evident what you're trying to do. Like you'd need to be more evident than a coonskin cap! HA! ;-)


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