Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field Day

There must be some law that every state in the union ( at least OK and TX) that every school is required to have field day. I only wish that my field day back in the 1880's was as cool as the boys' field day.
First of all we didn't get to play on the brand spankin new high school football field with the multi million dollar turf (maybe not multi million but I'm pretty sure it's up there in the top tax dollar priorities ya know).

Secondly water and getting wet, was not involved in any of my field day activities. In fact I don't think we were allowed to bring our own water bottle and were just forced to wait it out to get a drink from the fountain inside. We also had to walk ten miles one way in the snow...wait that's my dad's old timer story.

The kids had a blast and the teachers too. You gotta love teachers that have no qualms with dousing their kids with water and don't mind getting themselves wet either. Being in two places at once is really quite challenging but somehow I was able to balance it out between the two. Don't get me started when all 3 are in school, they may have to get on that cloning thing.

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