Thursday, April 23, 2009

Erma Should Be Crowned Queen Of Clean

I'd love to tell you guys that I love to clean and would iron clothes and mop floors all the day long if I could, but this would be a lie as I'd almost rather exercise. Notice I said almost.

Here's a basic break down of how I clean through out the week. Prepare for mediocre underachievement in new and improved bulletined formatting. (Spoken in my Donna Reed voice with gleaming smile and crisp ironed apron...ahem)

Mondays- I'm completely uninspired to do anything productive when it comes to cleaning. As long as dishes are kept up with and any necessary laundry that needs done is done. I don't strive for anything remarkable unless my fancy strikes me.

Tuesdays- I have a little bit of incentive, it's library day and that means scrounging up the books from every corner of the house. Usually I'm picking up dirty clothes or whatever else I find from under and behind the boys beds, all the while finding library books. I like to think of it as my own Temple of Doom or the search for the Holy Grail. One must make de-cluttering an adventure or one becomes disheartened. Martha may have said this once...maybe not.

Wednesdays- I've usually got more momentum and will find some random project that needs done. This week it was changing out the winter clothes to the spring/summer clothes. Since I have ADD tendencies when cleaning; I ended up heading to the kitchen for a garbage bag to pack up old clothes that did not fit. I never made it back to the bedroom, as I decided in that moment to clean out the fridge. I never pass up these moments of inspiration, otherwise it will be put off until the next blue moon of inspiration. Those clothes are still sitting in the middle of my boys' floor. See Saturday and Sunday for further instruction.

Thursdays- This is my main "cleaning" day. Where cleaning equals cleaning the bathroom, de-cluttering, and vacuuming. If I'm feeling really spontaneous I may even mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Fridays- I'm a laundry doing fool. I will do an occasional load all week as to not be to overwhelmed, but I've come to the realization that the laundry will never be "done" and I've learned to live with that. I must have the MP3 player on at all times this is a requirement. It really helps rid me of the dreaded tedious feeling I get when folding underwear. I also must have my tunes while pulling weeds to relieve the same tedious feeling.

Saturday and Sunday is catch up day. Whatever happened to be neglected during the week due to my ADD tendencies possibly gets done on the weekend, though I never make any guarantees on that.

I keep thinking that my routine seriously needs to change and it has yet to happen. I've thought of keeping a list of 10 or so things for the day and making a goal to mark off at least half of them. So far it's a no go.
I try to put the kids to work as often as possible when it comes to cleaning their room and de-cluttering the living room. It's their stuff in the LR 99% of the time anyway. Wii incentive is always the dangling carrot.
When the youngest is in the bath tub I try to wipe down the bathroom with wipes. If you have 3 boys who are still not the greatest bulls eye when hitting their target, you know that one must keep up with this or your bathroom will end up always smelling like a barnyard. I do have some standards you know.
One last little cleaning tidbit I learned; splurging on a new cleaning type item makes for new cleaning inspiration. One never realizes how fun cleaning can be when using something nifty and new to clean with.

Erma Bombeck has become my inspiration when it comes to house cleaning: "My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?"
Erma Bombeck

The Parent Bloggers Network and Pledge Multi Surface spray is inspiring me to clean up my act.

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shayla said...

I like your way of thinking. I used to subscribe to a daily newsletter from (or .net?). They will send you a thing to do every day, and it's those sort of things that you would never do, like clean and disinfect the kitchen trash can. Basically it's all those "spring cleaning" things that you do spaced out over months so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Just a thought...


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