Friday, April 24, 2009

I Would Now Like To Retract My WW A-Z for H

I believe Murphy's Law states something about if you can't come up with a great Wordless Wednesday for the letter H, wait a day or two and it will come to you easily.

Wednesday afternoon after I had already posted my lame heart for WW, BossyBoy and I walked to the school to get the big boys, on our way we found where someone had drawn a hopscotch board on the sidewalk. Bossy Boy was very intrigued with this board of numbers. I explained to him how to play hopscotch and he could not wait to get home and draw one himself. We've been playing hopscotch ever since. He calls it Cat Scratch which is funny.
I now bring you a WW A-Z retract: H is for Hopscotch

BB also insisted that I get my pic playing as well. Somehow bad guys shooting me as I hopped along became the new masculine version of hopscotch.

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