Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Feel I Must Apologize For The Slacking

I have no excuse for my lack of good wholesome normal random posts. I just haven't been in the groove. Nothing exciting is going on like birthdays to fill my blogging time. It's sad that an entire month was dedicated to birthdays and nothing much else. Sorry 'bout that.

I will now say a few words of random to make this post even more normal.

It's reassuring to know that the hubs is still reading the blog but only to find out what is for dinner for the week. I feel so used.

Spring has officially left Texas and summer has now commenced. It was 85 today and that was the temp in the car when starting it. I'm ready for the pool to open.

I visited with my neighbor today. She's the only neighbor who has made an effort to say hello. I feel really awkward talking to her, cause I met her back in November and that was the first and only time. I know she was trying to come up with conversation and she asked if we had big plans for the summer. I wanted to laugh cause we never make big plans only spontaneous ones. The only other obvious thing to talk about was the weather... of course. I told her I hadn't seen her around in awhile...meaning- I've only seen you outside once and that was in November!

The hubs and I are watching our calorie intake, I may post on this later. I just don't want you to think I'm on "a diet" just watching what we eat. Thanks to my rockin friend Jen for that Calorie Counting website. It also rocks.

I will now cease this random posting and get back to slacking which I was doing quite well.

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Krista said...

Ha ha ha, I love that your husband checks your blog to see what's for dinner! Now, if only I could get my husband to read mine...


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