Friday, March 27, 2009

Were havin a party!

Time to kick off the first of many parties that will be happening here at WM247 headquarters. A dissertation if you will...

I'm going to apologize right now for the very poor quality photos. I was stubborn and did not want to turn on my flash and these boys were hyped on some serious sugar and I could not keep them still for anything. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

First off a few pre party shots. Funny thing about this, a twitter/facebook/former blogger friend thought when I said "party shots" she thought I literally meant shots. No alcohol was consumed during this party. My sanity is in perfect condition thank you very much, my house and my hand also did not suffer from the near miss of a fire either...ahem what fire?
I've always thought I had knack for entertaining and decorating. Martha Who?

Did you notice the "white" elephant in the room? So classy don't you think?

I think I saved myself a bundle of money by buying the pizza supplies and making our own. I already had most of it on hand just needed the crust. I was not feeling to adventurous yet to make dough though. Boys scarfed it down and slumber kid said it was really good. I probably saved 20 or 30 not ordering delivery.

Open present time...I videoed the rest of the presents so the hubs could at least partake in some way. I will spare you that. I feel really bad that the hubs was out of town for this shindig. There will be more party where that came from.

Don't you just love to get a sneak peak of all my biznezz going on in the kitchen? I feel so exposed, like I'm showing you the inside of my underwear drawer or something.

Sundae! Sundae! Sundae!

Yeah, about that fire...

It was harmless really. I just recommend you not try to light a candle with a paper towel ignited by the stove. If you do, have a large bowl of water at the ready and warn children to never try this at home. I am what you call an improvise when you don't have it (matches/lighter) professional.

If you didn't follow the happening sleepover of '09 on twitter shame on you than you missed out on the fun. The other slumber kid who was to bring the sister was a no show. Somehow deep inside, I had a feeling that was going to happen. So the hoopla was a let down. Would have made some juicy blog fodder though. If you know me you know, I would not have caused a stink whatsoever and would have smiled and waved boys smiled and waved and let the little girl party with us too. I just never grew any cahonies to cause an issue even if I would have been right about it.
1 down 2 to go!

4 comments: said...

Party at your house! I'll be there for both of the following ones!
Don't forget the invites...
Of course...there's always the possibility that I just want to see the inside of your underwear drawer... ;-)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh this looks like so much fun, I bet they had an absolute blast! My favorite pictures are the 2nd shot of the birthday boy (with that oh-so classy white chair - woman you should see my kitchen sometime - nothing matches) and the Sundae photo - facial expressions = priceless.

And you did it all with no alcohol? You might be wonder woman! ;)

KC said...

Looks like a great time. Love the make your own pizza idea, though I would be cooking forever since my kids seem to want to invite everyone LOL. But luckly for me there is a place here that does a big 17 inch pizza for $9.99

So no little sisters coming along?

shayla said...

Why is it that sometimes I can see your pics and sometimes it's just a blank box?! WTF?! I wanted to see how cute everything is!


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