Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting: The Begining

Last night as I was finally getting to sleep after the hubs got home around 2AM, I thought about what to blog next. Please tell me you do that to, and then type up the post in your head while trying to fall asleep?
Anyways..I thought about all of L and I 's many babysitting mishaps and figured I need to jot them down before the old mind completely goes. Cause someday when I'm an old decrepit woman I'm going to want someone to read me a bedtime story and that story is going to be my blog. You know to jog my memory. I'm going to start off on the very beginning of how L (long time childhood friend who also reads the blog-if I forget something, I'm sure she'll me in) I met our very first babysitting client.

L and I were girl scout knock offs. In other words we were not Girl Scouts but the Girl Scouts rockin cousin The Campfire Girls. We didn't sell cookies, oh no we were better than that, we sold candy. At the age of 11 or 12 we were allowed to walk the entire neighborhood alone selling candy door to door and our parents never gave it a second thought.

L and I were not enthusiastic sales girls. I think we mainly did it just to have something to do. One afternoon we went on a candy run. We got around the block and came upon a mediocre house with a huge black lab dog in the back yard. The dog was barking at us but it didn't seem to be a menacing bark but more of a come play with me kind of bark. Still, L and I were a bit reluctant to go to that house. Some how we mustered up the courage since the dog was in the back yard. L was always the talker and I was the side kick. We rang the bell and a enthusiastic young woman answered the door. She was so chatty and friendly with us, that we felt like she'd known us all our lives. What really gravitated us more than anything was the cutest curly brown haired baby girl you ever saw.
We ooed and awed over her and the lady introduced herself as "Becky" and her baby girl "Anne". She then asked the question of a you girls babysit? Uh, sure we do! L had babysat her cousins and sister and I my sister, we were pros at 11-12..ahem.
This first meet up was the begining of a long lasting friendship. L and I worshiped Becky and Anne. We were frequent visitors to her house. We soon met Beckys husband "Tom" and he was just as cool as he was in the Air Force. Think Top Gun, and oh yes he certainly was swoon worthy too.
We were fascinated by every mundane thing Becky did..we literally sat in her living room floor to watch her mop her kitchen. Somehow we were mezmorised. Of course if we were to sit down and watch our mothers mop, they'd probably keel over of shock. I guess she treated us more like equals or friends than as an authoritative adult. Oh and the dog? Sweetest dog on the planet.

L still keeps in close contact with "The Jones". Anne is pretty much all grown up, which makes me feel I'm certainly headed toward age spots and cataracts.
L and I had many interesting babysitting adventures in store. Oh yes I'm about to lay the babysitting smack down on you. I figure this will be a good diversion from Birthdays. Your welcome. :)


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Ohhh I'm looking forward to these stories! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. I can't wait for more!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Jean! Just to let you know, "Tom" (Cruise?) is still as "swoon-worthy" as ever. After 23years of marriage, he still makes my heart go pitter patter. Believe it or not, it's been 19 years since you loved to watch me mop the kitchen floor. Anne is a curly headed (and might I say, still adorable?)sorority girl in college.The big, black dog was with us for 15 years and we still miss her. You and L hold a special place in my heart and memories. I lived in your neighborhood for a year and half and you 12 year olds were my best friends. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with the two of you. Remember when you and L "washed" my kitchen floor as a special surprise for me? With soft soap? I'll bet the people living in that house today are still trying to get the grit up! Remember how "old" you thought Tom and I were? Ancient, right? I was 28, Tom was 31. Doesn't that blow you away?
Keep up the babysitting memories because I am really enjoying them and I will have to add a few of my own if you don't mind....."becky"

shayla said...

This is great! Having stayed at the home of the "Jones'" I can really picture it all! Oooooh, I can't wait for the stories!


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