Friday, March 27, 2009

Just A Couple of Random Things.

First off- I'm already exhausted and I've barely started the party preparation process.

Secondly- My husband is a genius. I explained to him the party situation. He made the obvious statement. "Tell GB to tell his friend that his mother will need to call you(me) so that we can find out the situation for the little girl." Of course I would have thought of something this obvious, but my head is already swimming with birthday lists and what not. Hopefully the message gets relayed and the recipient responds. Crossing my fingers this all works out.

Third- I am just now realizing the awesome bennefit of trading in your old Wii games for a significant discount. I spent 8.95 on a 45.00 used Wii game after trading in 3 games and doing the $3.00 Gamestop membership thingy. I was so stoked that I got 1 game for so cheap, that I instantly grabbed the other game I was trying to decide on. 2 games for pretty much the price of one is a steal in my book. Gameboy is going to flip because we always tell them that they should only ever expect one game per holiday.

Fourth- I made brownies for the party. The directions said a pan for thick brownies use 9X13 pan and stir mixture 50 times. Well, I didn't stir 50 times but eye balled it. My 9X13 pan I believe was a wee bit to big. Now I've got some funky lookin bubbly brownies. Luckily their main intention is for the sundaes. Momma is craving a brownie fudge sundae right now. Oh Braums I wish you weren't so far away.

Fifth- To try to squelch my stress and anxiety about this party, I am going to try to give live updates on twitter as much as possible. Because I know you guys are just dying to attend my son's happening party. :)

I'm off to wrap the last of the presents, get the boys from school, blow up some balloons, run to the video store, and the store store as I forgot the Easy Whip and bowls for the ice cream. Please hope that I'm not carted off to the looney bin after tonight.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Good luck! Enjoy that brownie sundae for me!


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