Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seriously? I Mean Seriously!

Gameboy just gave me word that one of his friends can only come to the party if he brings his 5 year old sister. Seriously?
Something like this wouldn't phase me if say I knew the kid, his sister, the parents and all that stuff that seems acceptable when inviting people to a party. I don't know this kid from Adam.
The parents are just going to have the cahonies to show up at the birthday sleepover mind you, and just drop his kid sister off too? Granted Gameboy did say the boy nor his sister would be spending the night. Well, that's a relief.
I'm not going to come to a quick conclusion on this yet, as there may be some kind of miscommunication. It would be really lovely if the parents themselves would be considerate enough to call me. Shoot, I even put my e-mail address on the invite incase there's a parent like me, who hates calling people but will e-mail you any time and twice on Sunday.
My first conclusion is to think the parents want a free babysitter for date night. Homegirl ain't a babysitter..much less a free one. I'm going to be stroking out enough with just two extra kids. I mentioned I will be hosting alone right?
What exactly am I going to say to these parents if they really are going to carry through with their little plan and attempt to drop their daughter off too? Uhm excuse me folks, I think you left someone behind?


The Mom said...

What nerve! No way! Stick to your guns. I can't even imagine have the guts to say that! That seriously blows me away! I am loving using exclamation points!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

No freaking way?! And what are you supposed to say nevermind to poor Gameboy who just wants his friends to come to his birthday party - that's just not right at all - I mean it's not like because their oldest is at a party that they HAVE to make plans - there's just no normal good reason for that.

HeatherMama said...

Oh my gosh! That poor kid was totally ME when I was little!! I was not allowed to go to a birthday party unless my sister (2 yrs younger) could come too. It was horrible! But that was the rule, for whatever stupid, ridiculous reason! I mean, as a kid, I just did whatever Dad said and didnt question him. Of course I never thought about how the other parents would feel, I was just a kid and kids dont think like that.

I have three children now and I DO NOT EVERRR do this! Yes one might be upset if the other gets invited to a party, but sorry, that's the way it goes. I guess I feel SOOO strongly since I was the kid mortified to have my bratty kid sister tag along, but also as an adult I can plainly see its just RUDE! I cant believe my parents would have the gall to do that, but they did.

Just dont think bad of the child. I guess thats all I am saying. He cant help it if his parents are inconsiderate morons!

Maybe you could just tell Gameboy to tell his buddy that its a boys only party and that's why the sis cant come. Good luck with whatever you decide.

shayla said...

Unbelievable. I would say something like "sure, but it's really going to be a boy thing and I'm not sure if she will like it." Or you can say, "Freaks! No she can't come...did you see her name on the invitation?!" Hmmm, hard decision.

KC said...

That is just crazy.. maybe the boy wants his sister to come and his parents have no idea that the boy is saying these things..
If the parents really did say these things they are nuts.. but I have ran into a few Nuts in my days of kids birthday parties and I have meet a few parents who use to say if all the kids are not invited then the one who is can't go.. my thoughts on that(beside the parents are crazy) is well that is too bad for the one kid then because I'm not having all the kids.
good luck and keep us posted as to what goes on.

Nadine said...

I don't think I ever had that happen before. If it was close friends all the kids came but a sleepover? It's a bit strange. The only thing I could think of is that the little sister started a fuss and the parents thought it was easier to just give in.


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