Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday 13- The Birthday List

Brace yourself for impact folks, this plane is about to dive head first into a month long droning of birthday festivity. The fasten your birthday belt sign has been turned on. You have been warned.

Friday is the sleep over party for Gameboy. I'm guessing it's a slumber party if it's a girl party or does it even matter? Here's the list for his party.

1. Clean the house- Why should I bother when I'm going to have a house so full of frat boys that it will be a wasted effort?

2. Grocery Store to purchase sleepover food must haves- M&M's for the popcorn is a must. Ice cream sundae provisions are also a must.

3. Rental store- I'm really tempted to get the cheesiest 80's movie I can find. I'm thinking Gremlins or Ghostbusters. Thank you 1980s!

4. Decorate- I did not go all out for this party at all. 10 year old boys don't need a theme, do they? Cheesy dollar store decor will do.

5. Prepare cupcake decor for his class cupcakes. I'm planning to do a whole post on this. I warned you. Sometimes I scare myself on my ingenious ideas.

6. Hope that the birthday boy's presents from E-bay arrive on time. Did I ever mention I'm cheap? If I can get exactly what he wants in good used condition for cheap, I'm on it.

7. Order Pizza

8. Purchase some wine..for me of course. Wait, I have a heavy arsenal of booze in the pantry. Something tells me I'm going to need it. Did I mention that I'm hosting this party alone, as in the hubs wont get into town until late that night?

9. Prepare some kind of sleeping arrangement, it might have to be the couches. These boys probably wont sleep anyway. I was thinking the floor but the dog may think we're making a bed for him and he may decide he wants to sleep with them. That might make things awkward.

10. Hope that it doesn't rain since one of the activities is outside.

11. Hope that these 2 boys show up. 2 is all I can take for my sanity, besides he has his brothers and they totally count as guests. That makes 5 boys total. Supposedly one of the boys wasn't sure if he could come because he has Dungeons and Dragons that night. WTF? What kid plays D&D at 10? Please lord tell me that his friends aren't future employees of the Geek Squad. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

12. Make sure the back yard is cleaned up of land mines.

13. Recover from the weekend and prepare to do this all over again in a couple of weeks.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I shouldn't be reading this and looking forward to it, right? Like I'm supposed to be groaning with you and dreading it? Yeah, I'm not. It still sounds fun to me - you get popcorn, M&Ms and ice cream, too right? And the wine (which you won't even have to share!)? And movies? Can I come, too? haha

shayla said...

It sounds like so much fun! My theory is the once you have 3 boys, adding more from there really doesn't make a difference! It will be great. At least if you choose Gremlins you will enjoy it too! BTW, when watching Ghostbusters recently I was suprised at how much profanity there was along with the "sex scenes". What was up with our parents?!

KC said...

Sounds busy and fun.
Happy T13


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