Monday, February 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Oustside My Window: It's getting dusky. It was a pleasant day despite the wind. The wind is just never ending here.

I am hearing: Children playing the Lego Batman. They finished homework and chores early and I really wanted to finish my book.

I am thinking:I've got a few random thoughts floating so bear with me. First I'm trying to just wrap my brain around the book Wicked. I never imagined it was such a heavy read. Good but heavy and very thought provoking. I'm wondering if the musical came first or the book? Cause I can't imagine how they would do a musical based on the book? I see at the top that it says "Inspired the hit broadway musical" I'm going to guess "inspire" means very loosely based.
Secondly: If some day in the long future I decide to finally get my own URL and possibly hubby self host me...yes he does that I personally don't get it but whatev, as long as I can stick with Blogger. The old dog new tricks saying. What was I saying? My own URL... I came up with the greatest blog name ever, at least for me. "Method To My Madness" or "Method To My Randomness". I know it's not momma bloggerish per say but I like them, and maybe some day. Which reminds me I want to check GoDaddy just for fun. You would follow along with me right?

I am thankful for: Hubs great company. Their limping along but still reassuring their employees. Thankful fo hubs who is brilliant and feeds the CEO out of the box money making ideas for the company. Thankful for a CEO that actually listens to his employees, who's office is not secluded somewhere away from everyone but right smack in the middle with all the other cubicles. He is always freely open to anyone and doesn't appear unapproachable.

I am wearing: Oh here we go, jeans with a hole the size of a quarter right on my upper left tush and a OU shirt. This my friends is my good jeans. :(

I am hoping: to make a run to Kohls sometime this week to get something halfway decent, that's not to dressy or to frumpy for my big date. Something tells me holey jeans will not be part of the dress code.

From The Kitchen;
Monday-Meatloaf and mashed potatoes ( Have you tried the Ore Rida steamers? Greatest thing since sliced bread. Their basically frozen boiled sliced potatoes that you nuke in the microwave. Add the basic stuff you use for regular mashed potatoes, mash and you've got awesome mashed potatoes in half the time and no lumps! -No Ore Rida did not pay me for this promotion but they did send me a free coupon to try.)

I am reading: I just finished Wicked. I'm glad it's over, it was a good heavy read but I'm ready to move on. I think I'm gonna go with Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and maybe grab book 4 of the Narnia series. Depending on my mood. I also want to reserve the Book Thief, I heard that was a great read.

I am creating:
Meatloaf in the oven? I don't foresee any creativity this week.
Around the house:
I cleaned two of the three boys room last week so it's only obvious that I do the oldest this week. Didn't I just do his room after painting? I think so.

One of my favorite things: I'm ashamed to admit this, but I'm saying it anyway. I tried the Tostino's Spinach dip last week (who knew they made spinach dip?) I cleared the whole jar by myself in just a few days. We also got our Girl Scout Cookie's in and dang I love those Samoas. I bought two boxes and I'm not willing to share.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I'm celebrating my own personal Mardi Gras today and tomorrow. I plan on going really strict on myself on the sweets and Dr. Pepper after Tuesday. More water more veggies. I've also been doing some free weights and using the Ab Lounger. I plan to keep this going for the rest of Lent. I'm actually impressing myself and maybe trying to rid the guilt by lifting and abing consistently here lately.
A Picture Thought:

This kid could eat PBJ everyday for the rest of his life. At least he's getting the hang of making it himself when momma doesn't make it right.

I hope you were able to stick with me on this one, cause I think I lost myself re reading it.


Laurie said...

The wind has been crazy the past few days. I hate it because it makes some really strange sounds in our house.

I thought the book came before the musical. Weird! I don't think I would have been able to make it through the book. One of my "reading" friends told me it was dark, and besides vampires that's not really my thing.

I like your URL ideas. I definitely understand wanting to stick to blogger. Plus I think there is a great connected community that you don't have when you have your own domain. I started out of LiveJournal and I was nervous about branching out. I use WordPress on my blog now and I really love it and it is super easy and user friendly.

Anyhow... wordy comment, much? Sorry!

Krista said...

Hey, check out namecheap for your domain... and then... you can just forward your blog from blogger and keep all the behind the scenes stuff the same. Super easy!!! Check out mine, that's what I did and I only had tech support from the girl who did my template and another girl who'd also bought a custom domain. So I'm sure you could do it with help from C!

Lawanda said...

I like your url ideas too.

And I loved your starting line. I like the word dusky, I guess :)

Narnia is always a nice read :)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

That blog name sounds great but if you are serious about it, try to resist the urge to search for it too much or check it on GoDaddy until you are ready to buy. DH told me that doing that increases it's ratings or something and makes it more likely to be bought before you can get to it. (There are people who buy domains just because they know other people want them, so they can sell them to you at a higher price, etc.)

shayla said...

I've been reading some books written by Jodi Piccoult. One of my favorite authors! Pick up one of hers- she is really good. I've only read 3 of them, but have been impressed with all of them.


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