Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About That Middle Son Of Mine

Hi my name is Jean and I have 3 sons, but sometimes I forget and think I only have two. Sure I set out food for the middle son. He gets clothed..barely sometimes he has to throw on his big brother's jeans because he has none that are clean, because he is the middle son and only gets hand me downs and sometimes he runs out faster. When he does wear big brothers jeans their just slightly to big but I tell him to make do anyway because really I don't have time with scrounging for a pair that actually fits his tiny waist and long legs. I wonder why can't you deal with just pulling them up constantly? Then I get a call from the school 5 minutes after I have just sat down to begin my morning ritual of cereal, e-mail and Scooby Doo, telling me that I need to bring him some other pants as his are falling down. Loosseerr baby I am. Thankfully I checked the pants and somehow the button had come off so I don't totally blame myself...ahem.

Then there was this mention of some concert that he kept telling me about. I had no clue what he was talking about. He would chime up about it and I'd say great honey just bring me a note. I need a note so I can lock it in my brain and plaster it on the fridge, if it ain't on the fridge it ain't happenin. Hearing about it is null and void. Yet he kept telling me every other day about some concert. He could never really give me exact details cause that's just how he communicates, he doesn't know any details. (Though you'd never know that cause this kid will spout off an entire movie dialogue in 5 minutes flat) Just "concert and concert and that's all I know."
20 minutes ago as he is heading to bed he says "Mom the concert is tonight!" Say who da what da? "Do you have a note?" I'm praying that maybe his days are mixed up and it's really tomorrow. That never happens does it? The oldest is even trying to soften my blow by saying isn't today the 2nd?
Sure enough on the note 3rd grade concert tonight be there or it proves that your parents are complete jerks...or something like that.
Here was the hard part. He didn't quite get that he had totally missed it and it's never going to happen again. He thought if we hurry up and go right now we'll be just in time..3-4 hours later. I have to explain to him that it's over, it's history, it's gone like the wind, it's outta there. This only makes the guilt that much harder to swallow. Ouch.
I told him, tell your music teacher that your mom is a tool and is really really sorry. He seemed to understand that.

Then I came up with a brilliant idea (in my head) and told him to put on the concert for us. A private showing if you will. He looked at me with a sweet blank expression on his face. What? ? ? ? He was totally clueless. He had no idea what songs he even sang in music class. Sigh.
My mom of the year certificate is going to be engraved with Oops I Did It Again like the music meme predicted. I'll make it a giant poster size and put it right here on the wall.


Krista said...

Awwww, that's okay. I'm sure if he didn't even know what songs they were singing he wasn't that into it, right? ;)
Why don't you call the school and ask for a calendar of events?

The Mom said...

Oh Jean, I am so sorry. My middle son can be like that sometimes too. And why don't the teachers send home notes for something like that...way early so we can put them on our calendar? Don't send the note home on the day of the event!

I am trying to make more of an effort to give more attention to him. Take more pictures and such. I just have to remember! LOL

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm trying really hard not to laugh - that sounds like something my husband would have done to his mother - I mean you did keep telling him to bring you a note. I really don't think you can shoulder all the blame here.

Lawanda said...

I feel the same way. I was lousy at keeping up with all the school events etc. (This is one reason I homeschool. Less guilt when I am so stupid about these things. Because I really am stupid about them.)

I also understand about the middle child thing. I feel like I do this to my two middle children. See I have two that I do it to. Does that make ya feel any better? :)

shayla said...

Okay, so I'm busting out laughing. And, I'm trying to be completely understanding b/c it is totally something that would happen to me! I'm sorry!


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