Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Just Wanted To Clear A Few Things Up..You Know Randomly

First I mentioned in my Simple Meme post on Monday about the book I was reading The Magician's Nephew-the first Narnia book. I stated that it wasn't "doing anything for me". I was wrong. Once I got past a certain point, after wondering what does all of this beginning stuff have to do with Narnia? It then started to take place. It's actually now pretty enjoyable. So again insert foot in mouth.

I've gotten into a really bad habit of misjudging books to soon. I think it's because I've been Twilight biased, where I got swept up immediately into it and if other books don't do that than I get impatient. I will certainly have to work on that and keep an open mind.

I also wanted to state for the record that I check the kid's school website religiously, especially during inclement weather. Since we are still boob tubeless, the internet is my soul provider of news and entertainment. I'm pretty darn sure the 5 gazillion times I checked their site for school happenings, there was never any mention of the 3rd grade concert. I guess I just needed to tell you guys this to make me feel a little better since I still feel like a total heel.

I'm stressing out at the moment as it appears I have lost Bossy Boys birth certificate. The one I just ordered and received in the mail last week. I specifically put it next to the phone, where all the bills and mail goes. I even mentally told myself (I have to do that sometimes or I tend to forget..shocking I know) do not touch this mail until you need it. Now it's gone. I searched all through the other mail, in my nice clean organized drawer. Which by the way...a clean drawer is nice and all but mentally I'd almost feel better if it was disheveled, as I could tell myself that those important papers have to be among the clutter in this drawer and no where else. Now I can't tell myself that and I'm at a total loss.
Yes friends I searched the trash. Not only the trash in the kitchen but this morning I walked out to our dumpster and retrieved the top bag to search in it. Yes it was trash day and yes my trash was out at the curb. Yes I exposed myself in front of the whole street and took out a full trash bag and took it back in my house. No it wasn't in any of the trash. :(
I finally asked the hubs if he took any mail off the counter and you probably know the answer to that one. Sigh! It's gotta be around here somewhere since it wasn't in the trash.
I'm gonna go crawl in a hole now and mend my wounds. I'm hoping I can come back with an update.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh I hate losing important documents! I feel like whenever I need one, one of our 3 is always randomly missing, but then turns up later when it hardly matters...

Lawanda said...

I always lose things too!! I hope you find it soon!

Once I lost a $20 bill.

I. felt. horrible.

Never found it either :(

I am a bonafied certified trash searcher. haha

The Mom said...

I have searched the trash before. Several bags. Never found it. Sucks!

shayla said...

Gosh it sounds so familiar! I do things like this all the time. One time I ordered these gorgeous drawer pulls that I was so proud of. We ended up moving so I put them in a very "special place" so that I would know right where they were. Needless to say, it took 7 months to find that "special place". Urgh!


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