Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Wednesday Full Of Words

We're kind of chewing at the bit with crazies with this weather. Can't you tell? Just last week I was basking in 70 plus degrees. Like all good dreams they must come to an end, because it would be a travesty to start spring a few weeks months early.
Since we were cooped up in the house all day, I took some random photos to entertain me. Because the epitome of my day was sorting socks. Your all oozing with jealousy I know.
Why do I feel compelled to show you my junk drawer? (I seriously just typed drunk drawer...I certainly have a drawer full of that too) I figure if I can share with you my crazy 14 year old self, than I should have no problems showing you my junk. This drawer has haunted me since the minute I moved in and unpacked boxes. I'm not proud to admit that the junk drawer started that very instant we moved in, but it did.
Funny thing about this drawer. You see Marty the zebra? Did any one else get this zebra at Micky D's? Do you know what this zebra says every single time I open this drawer? "Holla at your boys, you guys are crazy!" It's like this zebra has revealed the true meaning of my life and he has to tell me every single time I open the drawer.

Ah that's better! I don't need no stinkin zebra to tell me that I'm crazy.
I mean no sane person would ever do a post like this.

This would be my loaf of french bread that I got at WalMart a very sophisticated bakery. When I sliced into it, this hole went completely through to the end. I personally think I got cheated. I also think some strange person would actually have the kahonies to take it back, but I am not that person. I said I was crazy not strange.

We're hangin on for dear life over here, how about ya'll?


The Mom said...

I think we all need a junk drawer/closet/room in our lives. Somewhere to put all the craziness so we can appear to be put together. But kudos to you for organizing it! It looks awesome! Are you taking bets for how long it will stay that way? LOL

shayla said...

I hate to even admit that I have more than one junk drawer. I know everyone has to have a junk drawer and no matter how many times I organize it, it turns back into a mess. After a while the junk gets to be so much that it just runs over into another drawer. Sad, isn't it?

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

lmao that last picture seriously cracked me up! My son would love that Zebra he is officially obsessed with Madagascar. :) said...

You? Have so got to take that bread back! What a rip off! And that drawer looks awesome now. I could use a small army of YOU at my house, and not just for drawers. There's a closet in there where I am certain Jimmy Hoffa can be found. ;-)


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