Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Streak Has Broken

You may recall throughout many of my random things about me posts, that I would boast of me never ever being pulled over when I was driving. That streak is over...for no reason.

Yesterday as I was turning on the main road toward our housing addition, there the vulture was in his roost waiting for his innocent prey.
I drove right by feeling quite confident that I had just turned and therefore barely getting to the accelerated speed of 40mph. I drove casually by and even gave him an acknowledging bow. Cause, I'm cocky and doing absolutely nothing wrong.
As I get a good 20 yards past him, I glance in the rear view mirror like I always do when passing the vultures, just to make sure the coast is clear. The white lights came on indicating he was backing up to turn around.
At this point I'm going through 572 things in my head of what I possibly could have done wrong. I was way below the speed limit. I had in fact signaled on my turn, though there's no way he could have really seen that. I am up to date on all my tags. My seat belt is buckled. What could it possibly be? I even thought maybe it's one of those citizen appreciation pullovers I'd heard about, where they pull people over just to tell them they appreciate safe drivers. Uh huh..yeah.
He catches up to me and turns the lights on.
Normally during a something like this, I always imagined I would be in some kind of anxiety attack freak out mode. Where I would even be breaking down in sobs to the officer telling him how sorry I was, though knowing nothing of my crime. Possibly even begging him to take me in. Have I mentioned I have a very guilty conscious for things I'm not even guilty of?
I surprised myself and was shockingly very calm.
I pulled out my license and insurance as I wanted to show him that I am the very model of a major modern citizen. (If you know where I got that from than you truly are awesome) He came up to the door looked at my tag and apologized, as he thought it was expired. He then continually apologized and told me to go my merry way. He didn't even check my insurance or anything. Bummer.
Does it even count as a real pullover if I was accused of nothing? I almost feel cheated out of the full pull over experience.


Heidi said...

You are so cheated. Not even a, "Ma'am please step out of the vehicle." So sorry.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

In my book if you didn't get a ticket, it doesn't count. I've been pulled over twice but got a warning both times (once for my lights not being on - whoops and once for going like 5 mph over or something silly but again, just a warning).

The Mom said...

Nope, doesn't count. Sorry! But you got the adrenaline rush from it!

Krista said...

Weird. I think he must have been suspicious because you acknowledged him.
I've been pulled over twice. Both times I wasn't anywhere near where I lived and missed speed limit signs so I got off with a warning.
First time I was 17 and had my whole family in the car. The officer must have figured I wasn't speeding on purpose with my dad sitting right next to me!
The second time I was in college and taking a group of freshman in my car out to a beach retreat. I was in a little tiny town and going too fast. But that one turned out to be a blessing since I had a headlight out and didn't know it and we ended up driving over the mountains in some nasty fog so I was glad for the chance to get a new one first!
Oh, I almost forgot, one time I got pulled over at midnight while working in Yellowstone. I didn't actually stop at a 4 way stop since I was turning right and there were no lights to indicate a car. Immediately lights came on and I got pulled over... but it was a good things since I had left my wallet in my friend's car and she was leaving the next day for a road trip and then I was leaving before she got back and that would have been a bad situation! No ticket, just a warning since I had a park employee sticker on my window!
Okay, like you really wanted to know all that... ;)

Lawanda said...

roflolololol!!! No, sorry doesn't count!!!

shayla said...

I CANNOT believe that you got pulled over! Especially after you so recently talked about that! I can't believe that you were calm. I would have thought that you would have been in a panic. I think somebody upstairs reads your blog and has a great sense of humor! :)

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

No doesn't count. Sorry. But I'm guilty of feeling guilty even when I'm not guilty. I'm horrible about it. Do you apologize profusely too?

Trey said...

"I am the very model of a major modern citizen." This is either The Pirates of Penzance or the movie I learned it from was called The Pirate Movie (which is basically The Pirates of Penzance) with Kristy McNichol. I'm glad ya'll doing well. You always make me laugh when I read your blog :).


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