Friday, January 30, 2009

Story Time

When we very first moved to North Texas late last year, my main mission was to get Bossy Boy socially active. Up to that point he had been in day care his entire 4 years of life, minus 4 months or so. I didn't want him to suddenly lose his socialization skills with kids his age..if he had any.

I first indoctrinated him to story time at the "lame library" in our town. (Obviously our little towns tax dollars aren't quite ample yet for gigantic shiny libraries with updated books.) He didn't want anything to do with it. Not the singing, not the story, nothing. He said it was the scary monsters and ghosts that were every where. It was the middle of October so I kind of let him slide on that one since there was that incident at the BBQ place. Can you tell he's just as bad as I am with the excuses?

From that point I had pretty much lamed out; even after discovering the gigantic shiny library in the next town over that had a massive story telling room. It was a "mystery" room to us since both him and I made up random excuses every week not to go.
I'm thinking he played off my anxiety of making up excuses and would think of his own excuses, and we just never went until today.
One of my lame excuses was I was afraid I'd have to drag him in there like a rag dog. Nobody wants to see that, besides this could be potential people I may meet (Look at me sounding like I'm looking for a mate.). So it was just easier to go and check out books and nothing else. I think his curiosity of this magical mystery room with the mural of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie on the wall, got the best of him. Although it took him some coaxing initially to go...he's seriously just like me when it comes to new situations. Once we get through that first hurdle, than we're gold Jerry..were golden. He got really excited once we got there.
Here's where I sorta have a point..not really but you know me.
Even though Bossyboy acts like a 4 year old, talks like a 4 year old (not really) and is 4. He always seems to be just one of the big boys. He plays the same video games as them, wants to do push ups with his big brothers, helps clean dog poop with the brothers and just wants to fit in and be one of the "big brothers".
When we entered this gallery of 3-5 year olds, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was actually afraid he would come right out and tell me; "Mom this is lame, let's get out of here," while we were singing a revised version of I'm a little tea pot. But he didn't. He tried to sing what he knew and did some movements but didn't want me to force him to do any moves he didn't want to. I was ok with that. He sat in my lap the whole time and really enjoyed himself. Most of all he was allowed to just be 4 and he did not have to meet up to any big brother expectations. I realized this during the show and it almost made me want to cry. I was thinking that maybe we have pushed him to hard to be "big". The last thing I want right now is for this little boy to be big.
He is so ready to go next week.

btw: didn't we just have this conversation not so very long ago? yeah, my bad.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh I'm so glad you finally went. I'm kind of the same way, with the making up excuses to not go out. I'm seriously guilty of that... So hurray, maybe I'll try to do something social this week, too! said...

Oh Gawd! I am sooo excited for him, too! All I could do while I was reading about your whole experience is think about my younger daughter and how overwhelming it always is for her because she instinctively feels like she is competing with her over achieving big sister.
So. Not. Fair. She's not as far as we're concerned, but SHE feels that way.

The Mom said...

I do the same thing with my 10 year old. I forget that he is only 10 and sometimes expect him to act and be like his older brothers. But when he asks to take a bath instead of a shower, I have to remember to let him, because he is only 10. I need to quit growing him up1


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