Friday, October 26, 2007

A Letter To The BBQ Man

Dear Mr. BBQ Man Serving BBQ At My Favorite BBQ Restaurant,

My family and I came into your establishment last night to devour our favorite BBQ dish of ribs. You had to tell us the heartbreaking news that you were completely out of ribs and that we must select something else. I understand it's a little bit frustrating to have to wait on a family of 5 to re decide what to order when that's the only thing we've ever ordered, but did you have to be rude about it?

Please understand that I am trying to juggle 3 children and their plates of bbq on one tray and when you bluntly tell me "I'm not the psychic network," when all I said was "sandwich plate". You could have easily asked me nicely what kind of beef I'd like on my sandwich plate. It really isn't that hard to be a little gracious and a dash of friendly customer service wouldn't hurt either.
Then when you literally threw my plate at me and the only thing saving it from completely flying off the top of the service top was the little sign, was not cool. For your manager who was standing right there to jokingly say "Don't worry folks he's a professional" wasn't cool either. I get that this is kind of your "schtick" as I've seen you toss the plates before at other visits. I could tell you threw this one a little harder than normal.

What kind of restaurant places a giant spider in the middle of the room, so when someone goes out the exit the spider comes drifting down at eye level? Yeah it was pretty cute and funny at first, but when your 3 year old is completely freaking out about the spider and refuses to eat and cries and pleads to leave, it's a bit to much. Yeah sure if we would have had any clue that the spider did that when selecting our seats we would have moved. Sure we could have moved at any time but it's really a pain in the a** to re gather up all your food and then find another place that's out of sight from the spider and sits a party of5. Needless to say I didn't get to enjoy my CHOPPED BEEF SANDWICH (I'll be sure to be more specific next time, which there probably won't be a next time) which isn't what I wanted anyway.
Thanks BBQ place thanks for absolutely nothing. I don't think we'll be back anytime soon and we will have to find another place that actually has ribs, good servers that wont throw your food at you, and no spiders.

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