Monday, January 5, 2009

A Simple Womans Day Book

Outside My Window: We actually got some sleet this morning. We even have icicles hanging from the grill.

I am hearing: total silence except for the hum of the heater and pitter patter of typing fingers. It's pure bliss.

I am wearing: comfy kahki like pants, a long sleeve white tee and my sisters OSU Cowboys t-shirt.

I am hoping: that we find out whats wrong with the mom mobile and that it won't cost an arm and a leg to fix it. We think it's electrical issues and the fact that even after driving it for over an hour the engine temperature still registers at cold.

From the kitchen: I made smothered steak but we ended up going out to eat for pizza, since we absolutely had to go grocery shopping tonight. It's really sad when the only beverage left in the house was water and booze. I was lucky enough to find a water bottle to go packet in raspberry flavor and told the boys it was kool aid.

MPM for the Week:
Sunday: Spaghetti
Monday: Smothered Steak pizza
Tuesday: Smothered Steak with scalloped potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Chimichangas
Thursday: Hamburger Helper and corn
Friday: Chili Hot Dogs

I am reading: Breaking Dawn of course

I am creating: If you call still painting GB's walls creating. I've made a mountain into a mole hill with this little project. I ran out of his color paint. I decided to use the left over paint from the living room. The two colors are not quite the same. One is more grayish the other more blue. I figure it wouldn't make to much difference and all I had left was the tops and bottoms of the walls. Needless to say it doesn't look great. My plan is to go ahead and completely re paint this wall. I figure it will be an accent color. Gulp. I'm so tired of painting and I just want it done at this point. The poor kid has been sleeping with his brothers for days now.

Around the house: The painting has been the main highlight around the house this week. Tomorrow the kids go back to school and I hope to get a few things done. I think Bossyboy is ready to dive back into more pre school stuff as well.

One of my favorite things: Just enjoying my newly painted living room.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish up the bedroom and get everything back together. Hubs has also promoted me to CFO of the household so I have to go through and do up the budget/bills. To bad there's no pay increase for CFO, than again I'm still waiting on my new job pay check. ;)

Picture Thought: We have been playing the heck out of Hulaballoo lately. I wasn't sure the kids would dig it but they love it. Even though it's targeted for the preschool set, the big boys love it too. I'm all for anything that gets them up and moving around and just being silly.

I think I'm going to keep with this meme on Mondays along with MPM. It beats the heck out of random, right? Though we must never give up the random.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I love that picture - too cute! I can't wait to play board games, etc. with my son. :)

Lawanda said...

No, never give up the random ;) What an adorable pic ♥

Good Monday to ya :) (on Tuesday. cuz there's nothing like being behind on everything. And I am always behind! haha)


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