Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

**Twilight Spoiler Alert!**
If you haven't read the Twilight series yet, I encourage you to give it a try. Come on, you know want to. You'll be one of the cool kids and fit in. Really. No pressure though.

I finished reading Eclipse a few days ago and had some angst for Team Jacob. Like I hated him and his evil ploy to make Bella choose. I had never felt so strongly for a bunch of characters in a really long time.
Then there was Edward being Mr. Perfect as always. He was trying to play by the rules and do every thing in order like things are supposed to be. He even played Jacobs little games and came out the perfect gentleman and every girls dream boyfriend. This caused me to root for Team Edward even more.
Though one knows and assumes that Bella will always be Team Edward, she was ticking me off just a wee bit with her need to see Jacob all the time. I kept telling her to get over it. I know...easier said than done.
I predicted an alliance and was glad that the good guys prevailed this time. I liked that this one was a little bit more easy going on the stress than the last couple or maybe I'm just learning to roll with it and not be so stressed.. who knows.
When I read the prelude for Breaking Dawn in Eclipse, I was a bit livid that Stephanie ( Steph and I are on a first name basis) was throwing the perspective to Jacob's point of view. I kept thinking why would she want to do that? Than I started reading BD. Let's just say I'm glad that I waited to do this post until I gave Jacob a chance. I admit I was dreading it. Now I'm loving it. The chapter titles themselves crack me up and are totally what I would portay Jacob to be thinking. I almost hope that she does this with Ed too..I'd love to know what's going on in his head.
I've barely read through the begining and already I think the last one will be my fave. I have no idea what's gonna happen with the baby drama. This bugs me in a way but good as another predictable story would be a yawner.

I really just had to get this all sorted in my head. I may do a follow up post when I finish. I'm really trying to pace myself on this one, as once it's over it's over. I'd have go through a Twilight hangover and no more Twilight to cure it.

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