Thursday, January 8, 2009

Organized Christmas Decor Chaos

Every year I surprise myself on how organized I actually put the tree decor away the year before. When Christmas time rolls around, I have visions of wrapping paper and ornaments falling precariously on my head.
I know I have some have low expectations of myself.
When I open the two large totes that my Christmas decor is packed in, it's almost like Christmas morning as I marvel over my organizing genius.
"Wow I actually labeled the box that has breakables in it!"
"Ooh lookie here, the lights are crammed in the original box they came in!" I didn't say I was a perfectionist at organizing.
"Dang I can't believe I actually separated out the crafty ornaments into it's own box and it also is labeled accordingly."

This year something different happened. I can only say this since it's still fresh on my mind. I don't think I followed my organizing genius so well. I became somewhat grinchy the day after Christmas and just started shoving ornaments wherever, just so that I could just get it over with already.
Next year I may find a Christmas marvel for sure, wondering why I shoved the breakables into all the stockings. The crafty box no longer has crafts in them but random Christmas cards and tinsel. The Christmas lights? Well, who needs the original box when you can just wrap them up really tight and shove them all in another box not labeled? I'll figure it out eventually. Besides I don't have to worry about it until next year. I think I did pretty good just getting it done the day after Christmas.
All of this organized Christmas chaos makes me think of my former offices Christmas Valentines St. Patrick's Day tree. As the quote goes If I'm lyin, I'm dyin. My former office was so obsessed with their beautiful Christmas tree they left it up through March and decorated it for each following holiday. I was a bit offended that they didn't decorate it for MLK day. To each their own I guess. You can read about the offense here.
Anyone who's feeling bad about their laziness delay in getting the tree down should just be proactive and make it a year around holiday tree and then you wouldn't have to have all this worry of taking it down.

The PBN is at it again in the New Year working with Right@Home who is helping us to with great tips and tricks in getting the home life spiffy for the New Year. No guarantees that they can help the former work place with their tree fetish though.

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Krista said...

My tree and decorations are all still up and I don't feel the least bit bad about it! Of course they weren't all up until about 3 days before Christmas and then we left for 9 days. so I just want to enjoy them a little longer!
They'll probably come down this weekend...


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