Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Interrupt The Christmas Festivities For Some Whining...

I'm sorry to interrupt the happy happy joy joy that's going on here, I just have to cry on my blog's shoulder for a bit...

I was David in a Goliath world, going into my fantasy football championship. I made it by some kind of kookie miracle. When this happens, I say a simple prayer: "Please fantasy football gods, toss me out of the playoffs with a really good whooping and or don't make me lose by 1 or 2 points. If that happens, Id rather not go to the playoffs at all. My heart just can't take the stress." ..And the playoff gods laughed.
By another crazy fluke, I won the first round.
The second round I knew it was going to be way to tough. The guy I was playing is the Goliath in my division. Winning to him would take a fantasy football miracle. I stayed positive that I could be David.
Today my games started out really well. It's been neck and neck all day. I hate neck and neck. The stress kills me.
Ben Rothlesburger is my quarterback a risky one but somehow he always pulls through. Tonight was no exception. Thank you Ben for playing hard for me.
Thank you L.T you did alright man
Thank you Michael Turner you sweet angel you, you always pull through on games that I need you most.
Thank you S. Moss. They told me you were risky in starting you, but I believed in you and you did good.
Thank you Reggie Wayne. I know Peyton has a lot of wide receiver choices and it's hard to get me the points I need. You pulled through just fine.
Thank you Tony Gonzalez. You had your ups and downs but I stuck by your side.
Thank you Ryan Longwell. You big bad kicker you. Today wasn't one of your higher scoring days. I appreciate you nonetheless.
Cardinals, What can I say, you guys probably saved me more than anyone. It was a end of the season last ditch effort to get a decent defense. I knew going in, that you were a roller coaster team. You proved it last week by helping me pull off a stomping on my opponent. This week, I know you did your best and actually pulled through with that defensive touch down at the last minute. Though one more measley point would have made me victorious. It's Ok I forgive you.
Patriots. I'm sorry. I guess paybacks are hell for benching you. You guys actually did decent today and had I started you I would have won.

My games were done, my score was 108. Not to shabby, but still beatable. He caught up with me and was down by 2.
Two points is a VERY stressful amount when he has his kicker left. The kicker for Dallas. Kickers normally can range from 2-10 or more depending if their team is scoring touch downs. (Please bare me with me, I know some of you are yawning already)

I sent an e-mail to my good work buddy who is a major Giants fan. I told her root for your boys like you've never rooted before. If they pull through for me, I will become their biggest fan ever.

The Giants defense played very hard at keeping Romo and the boys back. Sniff.. but not quite enough. As I sit this minute the dude I'm playing and I are tied at 108. It's the bottom of the 4th quarter. (updated to add ..its ended in a tie)
I've lost with this tie, simply because his division record is better than mine. Sniff.
Here's the salt in my wounds: The first tie breaker is a head to head, we were tied. Sniff.
A tie like this (in the championship) has never happened in all the years I've played. Sniff.
All the hope I have left now is getting awarded for all the points I've gained...we'll see, a small silver clouded lining.
I wanted to win and then hope somehow, I'd beat the next Goliath. By beating the next Goliath, I would have had the possibility of playing the championship game against my hubby. Husband and Wife playing each other in the Championship has never happened either. Sniff
We could have both come home with 1st and 2nd place winnings. Sniff.
Yes my friends this championship had some moolah riding on it.
I now must root for my hubby. He's ahead at the moment and so far so good. His opponent also has his kicker left. Crossing my fingers.

Now I'll go and cry in my beer...if I had any.

**Now back to your regularly scheduled holiday cheer already in progress.**

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Shayla said...

This sounds so familiar- much like Glen's luck this year. Due to stupid injuries- my team never even got off this ground this year. They started picking up later in the season, just in time to NOT make it to the playoffs. BUT, I'm not bitter!


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