Friday, December 5, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of what is in store for me tonight.

I've been wearing these puppies pretty much every day to break them in. I feel so sexae cooking dinner and sweeping the floor. Maybe I'll wear them all the time.

I'm feeling a little bit apprehensive about the evening plans for a few reasons:
1. I'm going to freeze my budonkadonk off and every exposed part of my body- which sadly will be quite a bit of exposure. Can we say hypothermia? It's a good thing it's inside in a fancy schmancy hotel. I'm this close to going with my alternate dress of a red sweater and black slacks. Hubs wont have it, as it's supposed to be "semi formal". Something tells me he just wants to show me off in the dress. I'll post the pics tomorrow for sure.

2. I won't know a soul but hubs. I told him I'd be clinging to him like a tick on a dog tonight. I don't do well in social gatherings with hundreds of people. I don't do well in gatherings of 10 people, unless I know every single person in the room and it has to be on a daily 40 plus hours a week basis. Did I mention I don't do well in social gatherings?

You think I could get away with wearing my mini MP3 player?
I will be having a few sips of something to keep the anxiety edge off and keep me warm. No worries guys, hubs does not drink and has never had a drink in his life. So were good for the ride home. Plus my parents will be here and it's not cool coming home tipsy to the babysitter/parents. Been there done that..cough..cough. I plan to keep it to a minimum.
Wish me luck and that I don't freeze to death.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh good luck and try to have fun! I say go with sticking to your hubby like glue and enjoy a couple drinks. :) And you definitely MUST take pictures.

Heidi said...

oh, I would be snockered and falling all over the place in those shoes. Not out of love of alcohol, just nervousness. I am sure you will have such a good time, how could you not in such cute shoes.

shayla said...

Omigosh! I can't wear a heel over 1/8" high without making a total fool of myself. How cute though! You guys will have a lot of fun; try to enjoy it! I'm looking forward to the pics!

Chel said...

Great shoes! Hope it's a super fun time!

Lawanda said...

Oh you have pretty feet! Can't wait to see the whole ensemble ;) I know you'll have a great time :)


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