Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Came I Saw I Conqured

I may be a bit off as my brain is still throbbing due to a side effect of my "anti-anxiety medication". Here's the run down of last night anyway.

I made one mistake of having my haircut and styled. Not a mistake so much for the hair cut but 30 plus dollars more to style it, when I know I could have easily did what she did at home. Somehow I thought a trained professional would do something spectacular.

At 6:30 hubs was running late and I decided against wearing the dress. My sweater and pants combo was very dressy and I must say cute and the fact that I was feeling very over or under dressed (literally) may have had something to do with it.
Hubs got home and instantly over ruled my decision saying there will be lots o rich snooty people there and they will turn their noses up at you in an instant. Whatev! I put the dress on.

We get to the hotel and went through the valet. I'm feeling way to nervous getting out of the limo mom mobile. The valet is trying to take my hand to get out and I'm trying not to pull a Brittney by getting out of the car with out Mr. valet's help. Sorry dude, I'm just not used to being "helped" out of my mom mobile.

Im frantically searching the hotel for other party guests to see their attire. I brought the sweater and pants in case a quick change was in order. Which since we did valet, would have made a changeover a little more difficult since I left them in the car.

Am I rambling? Why yes I am. I blame the "meds."

At this point we're both getting a bit nervous.

I scan the crowd. I actually fit in just fine as far as dress goes. Then we find his little group. I'm introduced to the guys and their wives. Lovely ladies all wearing sweaters and slacks. Oh the irony. I stood out like a flaunting peacock. I actually think the hubs planned it that show off his wife to the guys and then brag when he gets back to the office of how hot his wife was or something like that.

His little group was very easy going and pretty funny making jabs at each other. The wives were also very nice, though they probably think I'm some kind of trophy wife the way I was dressed. I'm not saying I'm a trophy wife by any means. I blame the dress, a dress I would never ever wear under any other circumstances and even then under threat by the hubs.

The food was nothing to write home about. I sometimes think companies think way to much about the food/catering and it's always mediocre. It's never warm/hot and it's always fancy fancy stuff that no one (I) really cares to eat. The open bar was not quite open. You got a ticket for 2 drinks after that you had to pay out the wazoo. Which I think is fine. I have no complaints since I was lucky to use both my ticket and hubs'. I had 2 and half drinks and felt mighty fine the whole evening.

The entertainment for the evening was a mini casino with black jack and roulette. The dealer gave you a bunch of chips and you played to your hearts desire and if you ran out they just gave you more. That's my kind of casino. To bad you couldn't cash it in for anything not even extra entries for the drawings. Which I think would have made it more fun. That's how my old office did it last year.
Anyways, we played black jack which was something I never play in Vegas. The dealer was really sweet and told us how to actually play. That the rule is with black jack your not aiming to get 21 but to bust the dealer. She would tell me when I should hit or stay depending on what the dealer had. It was fun but still not my game of choice when gambling.
Roulette I like, but if you don't have the money it's not for the cheap gambler. Since I had unlimited chips to spend we played the rest of the night. I always play the same numbers 1, 4, and 10 and then place my bet on red and even and sometimes add a few extra numbers for fun. Folks, that roulette wheel hit on 1 three times while I was playing. Sure I went through a few chips along the way and got more but it hit on one the second spin. Why does this kind of thing happen in a fake doesn't really matter casino and never at the real ones? That is the kind of luck I have.

I had a good time. It was fun to feel all hot trophy wife like by getting dressed up. I think hubs had an extra glimmer in his eye too.

Oh you want pics. You came only for the pics. I understand. You could care less about my rambling of the evening and you just came to see the dress. I see how you are.

I had one technicality, my hose. I would have swore that I got the specific kind of hose that you wear for strappy exposed toe sandals, instead I got the reinforced toe. This doesn't look very well with exposed toe sandals. Needless to say I had to go bare. I hate my knees and I haven't tanned in a few years. Blech. Atleast I was standing behind a table most of the night so no one could see my legs.
I actually did not freeze to death. I was quite comfy.

I'm so proud of myself for wearing my shoes through the week to break them in. I had no issues of walking or killer feet at all.

I will end the ramblings here. Your welcome.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Ohhh pretty dress! I'm glad you had a good time and your husband got to show off his hot wife. :)

The Mom said...

Whew! Now that is over, you can relax for the rext of the season, right? Right.

Heidi said...

Hot mama! I am glad he talked you into the dress, you look beautiful and I bet it made him so happy.

Lawanda said...

Wow you do look like a trophy wife ;) I wish I could have seen the shoes with the dress! LOL ;)

We used to go to a fancy party for my dh old job, and I always enjoyed getting my hair and makeup done and dressing up :)

Fun stuff! And you looked so pretty :) I love your hair :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I love the new hair cut. I am glad that you had a good time.


Krista said...

Whoa, hot mama! No wonder he wanted you to wear the dress and not the other stuff! ;)
You looked awesome!
(and I find it totally interesting that hubs doesn't drink. I've met one other guy in my life that has never tasted alcohol and he's my parents' age)

Shayla said...

Okay, I waited all weekend to get to work and log on to check out the hot momma! How fun! I'm glad you had a nice time!


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