Saturday, December 6, 2008

You Will Not Monopolize Me.

Family gatherings usually entail the regular game of bones or pitch, depending on who's side of the family we're visiting. Normally we have to drag the men from one football game or the other to play. Once they get playing there's no stopping the competitiveness.
One game that hubs and I primarily play against each other is Monopoly. I honestly will admit that I despise the way my hubs plays Monopoly. The whole take over the whole board concept ticks me off. Who cares that this is the way you play the game. It is my duty when playing to be sure to knock out his monopoly. That's my only strategy to prevent him from monopolizing the game.

When it comes toward the end and he's buying everything in sight to purchase houses and hotels there's always those few other properties that he can't purchase houses on because I own the other property. He hates this. No amount of bargaining, trading or bribing will convince me to sell him the property he needs.

It doesn't matter to me how much in debt I go landing on his other hotels as long as he cant get the others he really wants. I don't even care if I lose, because I feel I have won when I play my strategy. Maybe it's my wifely duty to tick the hubs off during board games. I think I read it in the marriage license somewhere.

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Lawanda said...

ROFLOL!!! I think that is hilarious! And quite like you ;)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

lmao I am a REALLY sore loser at Monopoly which is too bad because my husband is brilliant at it. Why are men seemingly born to play monopoly? Are we too nice or something? Because I highly doubt that.


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