Monday, December 8, 2008

I Think Their Following Me But I Think I Lost Them...

I've lived in Texas for 9 and half years now. All this time I was fortunate to not have to deal with Toll roads. That's all changed living near Big D. Every other road is a toll road. Needless to say it's almost inevitable that you cave in and purchase a toll tag or what I like to call a way for Big Brother to follow me around and track my every move. I would say I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I got something in the mail that could prove they are tracking me and somehow lost me.

I received a "survey" in the mail today, pretty much in simple terms asking me where the heck did you go and why didn't you take that way back? The funny thing is, it was so vague in the questions. It didn't ask me specifically which day they are questioning my disappearing act. Yet they wanted to know a time frame, what roads I took back, what was the address I was traveling to and the address I returned to. The return address question specifically stated do not put the same address as the destination address. WTF? Oh and they wanted to know what was the reasoning for traveling that road and I guess why I didn't take that way back.

I don't know why, but this kind of freaks me out.

I can't (and wont) answer their silly survey. I have no idea when and what they are talking about. I'm thinking their trying to be vague to not look to obvious that they are/were following me. Most likely I was headed into Big D to meet the hubs for lunch or pick him up when his car the bat mobile was in the shop. Normally if I drive in to the heart of Big D downtown and I see that the traffic coming out is horrible even for the middle of the day, I take the toll road. Since we have the tag I take it even more. This does not mean that traffic will be that much lighter it's just a different route with possible less traffic headache at the moment.

I'm not sure why they feel it pertinent to know this information, what do they stand to gain? The only theory I have is that the road in question was the main road (I35) that is not a toll road. I guess I must have taken the toll out of Big D and taken the free road in. Hence why they couldn't find me. If my memory serves me right they are eventually planning on making 35 a toll as well. That way they can keep track of everyone at all times.
Thank you Big Brother for your concern for my well being. I'm ok I promise, I made it home ok. Don't worry about me. Next time I promise to be home by curfew.


Krista said...

wow, that is a bit freaky. I wouldn't answer it either. I have no idea what toll roads are really, we have one that I can think of... and that's really just a bridge!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm guessing they want to know what non-toll roads are most popular so that they can add tolls to the popular ones that people are already using. Just a guess.


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