Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Weather Is Just Dandy For A Science Fair.

L.E., Texas
National Weather Service: Wind Advisory
Current Conditions

Temp: 32°
Dew Point: 23°
Humidity: 69%
Wind: NNW 20 mph
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Pressure: 30.07 in. +
Sky: Overcast
Wind Chill: 20°

Something tells me this is going to be the norm around here.
I admit it did get cold in East Texas, but we had large piney trees to help sorta offset the actual windchill. I've mentioned there are no trees here. The wind here will literally knock you clean out of your shoes.

Weather like this calls for a Science Fair. I'm the type that would much rather just stay in my house than get out and endure the weather even if I'm literally going less than a mile down the street. I am however an advocate of getting the oldest out of homework. Homework for him means homework for me. Long division is kicking his/our butt. Sad thing is, it kicked my butt in 4th grade too. Now I think, why was this so hard then? I haven't done long division since Jr High; did we even do long division in Jr. High? I can't remember. I guess it's like riding a bicycle you just don't forget.

Back to the Science Fair (pardon my ADD)...

We didn't win anything. They actually didn't have 1st place, 2nd place ect.. just a certificate that said something about the science fair. Gameboy was so upset. Though we talked about it a gazillion times. This was not to win but to do it for a grade.

The thing is every other kid had the same similar idea of testing different things with food. Milk, how long different flavors last in gum and a bunch of others. Different types of chocolate melting was a big hit this year. I think I saw four of those. He couldn't believe someone would win on something about sound traveling through different objects. Uhm probably cause he was the only one that did something different.

I will say he did have a very nice presentation (thanks mom, I rock). A lot of kids parents did not help one iota. Which actually shocked me. Some kids literally wrote their question on the board in pencil and had a little chart. I felt really bad for those kids. Then there were the ones where the parents really helped a lot. There's always going to be those parents.
I actually think the judges were pretty fair and picked good winners.

Your probably wondering what happened with Wonderboys project? Good question. We just slapped something together and threw it on the board. I wanted to make it as simple as possible for him to do and understand, since he really doesn't comprehend the scientific method. He loved going around the house and finding everything he could get his hands on that would stick to a magnet and guessing if it would stick. He really is a victim of middle child syndrome. It's a good thing he really doesn't pry for my attention at least I don't think he does. That sounds bad.

Would you believe I actually learned a few things from googling stuff about magnets? That Google is a keeper. If Gameboy has to do a project next year, I already have an idea for him. Did you know that certain cereals high in iron can be attracted to a magnet? Freaky. That's my plan for next year. If I remember.

So what did we learn today kids?
That it actually can be freaky cold in Texas.
That you never forget long division.
Kids like doing experiments that have to do with food.
Some cereals are attracted to magnets.

Yep I think we have it covered.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Wow I never knew that about cereal / magnets - that is cool. :)


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