Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Am I Doing Right Now?

I had this post created up about my woes of doing science fair projects and it was just as lame as my attempt to craft the project board itself. With Gameboys help of course...ahem. One down (sorta) and one more to go. I don't think I can handle taking over 3 projects in the coming years.
So...I'm going with a post of absolute nothing because you know this one will be way better than me whining about science fair projects.
Right now I'm-
-blogging (obviously)
-playing Pokemon DVD game. Do you know it takes Pokemon knowledge to play this game? None of which I have. I'm getting my butt beat. Hey I'm at least doing that whole quality time thing.
-Watching following OU TX Tech online. It's so fascinating to follow little arrows go across my screen, knowing that several plays have been made long before my live updates actually update. I'll take what I can get.
Is is sad that we go out to eat just so we can watch T.V.?

Just because I feel like mentioning it and in case you guys didn't know that 5 Minutes For Mom is doing their whole Christmas Giveaway thing. Excellent prizes and a wide variety to choose from. Crossing my fingers for both of us. :)
Christmas Giveaway Gift 125x125

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Heidi said...

I too, am watching the game. That is through fingers over my eyes. Poor Tech. Bad game makes for unhappy husband.


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