Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre School Recordings

*This is my weekly posting on Bossyboys pre school updates, it's primarily a record for me. If I wrote this stuff down it would get lost, so I keep it here.*

Mastered writing capital and lower case letters on dry erase board.
Still not comfortable writing letters with pencil with out visual of the letters.
Working on writing full name and phone number. Refuses at this moment to even try. Will keep working on this.
Journal writing is hit or miss. Been trying to get him to think of something on his own to journal (draw a picture) but have had to give ideas.
Working on him telling a story about anything, needs a lot of prompting.
This week had him tell me how you cook a turkey. Lots of gnashing of teeth on this one. Will keep on the creative writing/journaling.

We were really focused on letter writing for the past few weeks than writing numbers fell to the wayside. We are now working on writing numbers more and will try and make that a main focus in the practice writing time. Hopefully once more comfortable writing numbers will than be more comfortable writing phone number.
Calendar time is well received. Marking off the day on our big calendar and reciting what month and number day it is, then counting down the days to a big event.
Counting appears not to be a problem. Working on counting the numbers greater than twenty and also simple addition is main focus. He's obviously going to be a numbers/math kid and not into reading and writing. Will work on simple subtraction in the coming year.

Working on short vowel sounds in worksheets. Some vowels easier than others to recognize when sounding. This doesn't surprise me and he really is getting it. Will continue to review.

Fine Motor-
Working more on cutting and pasting which is not his thing if it involves crafting. Typical boy. Will cut and paste if its worksheet related. Surprising that "work" would be more fun than creating.
Is also not big on the whole coloring of anything thing.
Loves working in the dried bean box. Counting beans and cooking pretend meals with the beans.
Looking for other fine motor skill ideas that he might like more than coloring.

Social Skills-
Various trips to the library and to fast food play areas. Still working on him being comfortable enough to stay during story time at the library. We're not there yet and is more comfortable at the library when brothers are there.

Physical activity-
Running around the yard with the dog.
Walking to the school and back on nice days.
Playing Wii tennis/baseball/bowling.

This coming week we'll be off, though I'm hoping to maybe get a few crafts in that all the boys might enjoy and will encourage him that "crafting" is fun. This all depends on if I ever get the science projects done.

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