Monday, November 24, 2008


Sunday-Thankfully hubs let me order of course, my favorite way of ordering pizza.

Monday- Roast in the crockpot

Tuesday- White Chili- didn't have it last week, kept forgetting to soak beans.

Wednesday- Hopefully we'll have plenty of leftovers between beans and roast.

Thanksgiving prep-
Pumpkin Bread
Country Green beans. None of my boys (including the big boy) will eat the beloved green bean casserole that my mom always makes, so I'm making them green beans they'll actually eat.
Possibly broccoli rice and cheese casserole as they will eat that one.
I also found a recipe for Monkey Bars that looks great, since I've got some bananas that are getting on the ripe side and I don't want to make banana bread since I'm making pumpkin bread. I'm weird like that.
Thursday- Gorging myself on Thanksgiving at my parents
Friday- leftovers and hopefully enchiladas at hubby's aunts.

Check out OrgJunkie for more great meal plan ideas, and recipes. I'm sure everyone will have some awesome Thanksgiving recipes this week.

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