Friday, November 21, 2008

Come On Down!

I used to be a game show junkie. I blame it on my father.
My dad had the option for early retirement back when I was still in middle school. It worked out pretty well for my family. Dad would be home for me and my sister after school and even attempt to cook us dinner. He also was the care giver when I was sick and had to stay home from school.
I always looked forward to those days when I was out of school so that I could watch Price is Right with dad.
We would play every game just as if we were contestants, starting from the opening bid. We would always root for the person who was from our state or had the same name. Dad's favorite game on Price is Right is the little guy that goes up the mountain to show you how far off you are on your bid for an item. If you go over to much, then the yodeler goes over the mountain to fall to his death. Dad would get almost a little to into it and yell at the bidder that he bid to high.
We would then anxiously await the show case showdown and see who would come closest in their bid.
I always dreamed dad would some day, would go to California and play the Price is Right. I would even ask him why he(we) wouldn't go and he would always say, I have no desire to go to California. Then I would think that I should go for dad. That never happened either.
I haven't watched the Price is Right in ages. I just don't think I could get as much into it with Drew Carey hosting. As much as I like Drew, he's no Bob. Then there's good old Rod Roddy, "Come on Down" just doesn't sound the same with out him.

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Just me said...

Your post made me laugh:) I remember watching Price is Right with my Gram. We used to watch it every day when I was a little girl. I know... It's just not the same now.


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