Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Spinning On The Hamster Wheel

I'm still spinning on the hamster wheel of internet. We decided to stay anoter night due to the fact OU and OSU (OK State) are playing tonight. A lot rides on this game who goes to Big 12 Championship. I need to watch it.

Hubs and I are trying to talk my dad into getting my mom high speed for Christmas and hubs would chip in for a wireless router..not that she would need it, but you know for our convience. We're dying here.

**Twilight Spoiler Alert**
On another note, we saw Twilight last night. We made the biggest mistake by being late for the movie. 10 minutes late to a movie and I missed a good 10 chapters. I literally walked in right when Edward revealed himself in the sunlight. I could not believe how fast they met and fell in love and her being rescued from the crash in that ten minutes of time.
I wasn't disappointed so to speak as I expected the rush from what other reviewers had said but jeez not a 10 minute rush. Even hubs who has not read the book thought if they would have slowed things down this would have been a good movie. He felt like the movie lasted 45 minutes and that was it. It didn't help that we missed what I felt, was half the movie(book).
I had to pretty much rehash the whole book to him. I hated how they changed some things, like how she got to the dance studio. I guess it wasn't that big a deal, but her escape was kind of critical in my humble o.
Anyways they better beef up the second movie.

Hubs and I were pretty much out all day yesterday shopping and just hanging out with each other. That's one thing we look forward to when we come to visit. It was nice and we got a slew of towels for an awesome price and paid the piper by standing in line for 30 minutes. I also got a really cute dress for the office Chistmas party.
This is the first office Christmas party where we both won't know even half the people there. It's going to be 10 times bigger than our hillbilly parties from our old office. Even though they say "dressy casual" they really mean semi-formal. Since it's at a huge hotel in downtown Big D and half of the contractors in Big D are invited, it's gonna be big.
Needless to say I got a dress that would be something you'd wear to prom and I'm not used to that. Hubs and I haven't had to really dress up since our wedding. I'll be sure to take pics of that, since thats a once in a blue moon kind of deal.

Whew, I realize I'm rambling way more than normal. I will leave it with that. I would hate for all of dial up to explode due to my crazy rambles.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

The movie went REALLY fast, it even felt faster than the actual play time. I was really disappointed and shocked that when we left my husband said it had piqued his interest to read the book - HIS interest. Like I said, shocked. The send movie - they had better not mess up that badly.


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